Harmony Healing Centre

Harmony Healing Centre


Welcome to the home of Medical Intuition, Emotional Healing, Relationship and Spiritual Counseling.  We live in interesting times.  As a result of planet earth experiencing increased energies and rapid vibrations, there is a greater need for people to awaken and be more fully aware of their body, life, especially where it is not in balance.

More people are looking for answers outside the traditional medical system, as it is unable to provide the help and answers they are looking for.  Many are experiencing physical symptoms to include an increase in fear, anxiety, depression, more mental and emotional symptoms.

As as result, the body manifests and experiences negative physical symptoms (dis-ease) which are caused by underlying emotional issues. This is where Thomas and Rita are able to provide the "full picture". They assist their clients to deal with pain, fear, confusion, loss of control, make sense of their lives in a new and practical way and be of service in many other areas to help them get their life and health on track again.  

At  Harmony Healing Centre, Thomas Moore and Rita Britnell have come together to partner their skills in a balance of masculine and feminine energies. Their intuitive and emphathetic talents complement each other allowing them to assist you to regain health, balance and heal on many levels. 


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We look forward to working with you, Peace, Love, Joy, Thomas and Rita.

"When you're clear, the world around you becomes clear"