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Thomas J. Moore, Medical Intuitive

Thomas_resizedIn the early 1990's Thomas discovered that he had the ability to take pain away from people and animals by moving his hand over the areas of hurt. He learned to meditate and started to perform basic healing work. Initially, formal studies included Healing Touch, a program sponsored by the Holistic Nurses’ Associations of Canada and the US.  For a number of years Thomas continued his job as a Logistics Manager while his practice of medical intuition was growing. Finally, it was time for him to leave his day job and begin his true vocation as a Medical Intuitive on a full time basis in and open Harmony Healing Centre in January of 2009.  Over the years his gifts and knowledge of the body and this work has grown exponentially. 

Thomas is an exceptional Medical Intuitive and Multidimensional Healer. His skills and abilities to hear guidance and see into the human body for root causes of symptoms continue to expand. He provides clarity to clients who are puzzled by symptoms and health issues that no one else is able to identify.  He offers solutions to include professional health products to remedy and eliminate many of these issues.  The focus and intention is to eliminate the source of stress, weaknesses and imbalance in the body systems to allow the body to return to a balanced state. 

Thomas has a gentle, loving and kind heart. He is accurate in his assessments and effective in moving energy to clear a congested auric field. He is able to see and hear what's needed to regain better quality of health, balance and harmony.  He provides guidance around all areas of your life, relationships, families and work career.

As a Guide and Teacher, Thomas provides his clients with the tools and loving support to return to peace, love, joy and health.

Thomas J. Moore is a member of the Association of Medical Intuitive. In his spare time, he enjoys a glass of red wine and improving on his golf game with his friends. 

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Rita M. Moore, Emotional Healer ~ Feminine Balance and Intuitive Guide


Rita was first introduced to Healing Touch and Hospice Work in the late 1990's and through life's circumstance was forced to wake up to her own personal growth healing journey. As a woman and a mother, she has experience in the many phases of coming into her own and creating healthy and loving relationships, life and partnership. She knows what it takes to come home to yourself and the process of getting there. 

In June of 2010 Thomas and Rita were brought together in union as life and working partners. Rita's experience, background, and energy provides the feminine balance and strength to the work with Thomas resulting in a more complete and effective healing and balanced session.  She helps to emotionally calm and strengthen the person, bringing forth areas to look at and release so that you're able to move forward in more personal strength.

Rita is an exceptional Emotional Intuitive Healer.  Her loving energetic support helps you to relax deeper into the space of healing and open to releasing deeper emotional trauma.  She has a keen perception to sense and feel emotional blocks and patterns and is excellent at moving these energies through for release.   She provides the feminine perspective, balance, wisdom and strength. 

Rita specializes in facilitating the clearing of the emotional body, activating the Kundalini energy and bringing awareness to the God/Goddess Nature in Men and Women. Rita helps those who are out of balance in their male/female energetic bodies. She enables the Goddess within the female to flower and grow with her own personal loving nature.  Similarly she works with men to awaken to their divine feminine balance and learn to move more mindfully in balance with their authentic and true strength in today's world. 

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The Female/Male Balanced Healing Team - Thomas and Rita

Together, Thomas and Rita focus on helping you to change how you see and feel about yourself emotionally. Currently, two thirds of the people on earth do not love themselves, as this was not modeled to them. Rita and Thomas have walked their own healing journey to loving themselves fully. They are now able to help you to do the same and provide you with tools so you can change your life for the better. Your relationship with self and others, health and your life’s purpose improve after seeing and experiencing the work with Thomas and Rita. Thomas was guided a few years ago to create a guided meditation called the Rose Exercise - Open your Heart Utube to assist you in loving yourself.  (See first page). 

This is the single most important thing each of us can do at this time on the planet! To learn to love ourselves. With the new energies we are experiencing, it is essential to clear our emotional bodies, get our physical body healthy, balanced and functioning well, and to raise our own frequency to that of loving self in order adjust to these new energies.  We love for you to check out this You tube, incorporate this practice daily and share it anyone who is ready and open.

Goddess Awakening - White Rock Women's Circles

Rita was guided to initiate the Goddess/Women Circles in 2011 with the intention of offering women a safe, open, and loving space to be, to grow emotionally, spiritually and to experience being with other women in this energy.  Lynda emerged into her role as Rita's co-facilitator from the first circle on.   Together they create an atmosphere of amazing support and encouragement for women to come into their true strength, loving themselves, and bringing forward their intuitive gifts. They assist women to differentiate between their fear based egoic self and loved based spirit self (true self) and help them to strengthen and create life from this love based self.  This circle gives women an opportunity to feel safe, to expose their vulnerabilities and fears for us to examine and release.  This ultimately helps each woman to land deeper into her true being.  It is a birthing process we walk through together holding love, support and kindness for one another.  Only then, when we expose the shadow aspects in a safe container can we all heal and strengthen together to create a new paradigm of human being - women and men for that matter.   Please feel free to ask about the Goddess Groups that are ongoing every 6 weeks.


How to Open Your Heart - Guided Heart Chakra Meditation

We suggest you do this visualization several times a day initially to bring awareness to ensuring you are opening the rear of your heart. This way, you are telling your body that you are ready to fully love yourself. Let us know how you make out!!!  



For more clarity on this subject, go to the Harmony Healing Centre Blog.      

We continue to provide more understanding to help people grasp this fully. 

We now have a NEW Rose Exercise DVD complete with a Loving Self Booklet available for download. 


A conversation with Rita and Thomas in Small Steps that they're taking in THEIR Big Lives by Nathen Aswell on Blab – January 15, 2016