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Here's what is working for us lately

Here's what is working for us lately

Hello Everyone,

We realize it’s getting more and more difficult to find foods that don’t negatively affect the body.  Here’s what is working for us lately.  Please continue to do your own muscle testing each and every time, as things can change from one day to the next as we’re discovering.  In addition, it does not matter whether the item says organic or not, as long as it checks a YES or NO when you do your sway or muscle test.

For us, eating healthy and not picking up any toxin(s) is the number one priority.  We also goof up and pick up something, as I have detected this morning.  We know staying healthy is a number one priority for many of you as well.  Please note, kids are more sensitive to toxins.  Their little body reacts more strongly to toxins and such.

We get it!  It takes time to get good at all of this, and pay attention to this new way of being, so we thought this might help.  We hope it is helpful to you.  Some of this information in terms of product names may not apply to our long distance, and international clients, however, there is good pointers all the same to absorb here.  No matter where you live on the planet, people are exposed to food and environmental toxins of all kinds. 

These days, we say, check virtually everything.  We have found toxins to be in coffee, alcohol (wine, alcohol from plastic bottles), chocolate, canned tuna, chicken, eggs, foods from bulk bins such as nuts, and oats, hair spray, dry style shampoo, vegetables and fruits, packaged goods ie cookies, crackers, frozen foods, protein powders, Thallium from a mud mask, from nail polish, and many more.  Another client in the US ingested Beryllium from a yoghurt!   The list continues......


Quinoa – we buy the Kirkland make from Costco

Beanfields – salt, nacho and barbeque – our main source of grain

For some reason, the Beanfield’s works for my digestive system

Manitoba Harvest – Hemp Hearts

Bob’s Red Mill Quick Cooking Oats

Coconut Bread - when we can get it (from a baker in Penticton) 

Fish:  We do eat fish like cod, tuna, salmon, but are finding it necessary to body/muscle/sway test each time as well.  We eat sushi from our local restaurant "Two Guys".  For myself, I eat only sashimi, no rice or any of the other rolls.  We do have Ocean's light chunk tuna at home which checks good.

Packaged Greens:  (some of these brands either found in local Vancouver, and or US)

Windset – Living Butter Lettuce and Symphony Lettuce

Windset – large cucumbers

Windset – Tango, Cameo, Concerto, and Symphony and Campari tomatoes, and now their Crescendo Sweet pointed peppers in a bag (interesting they are grown in spain)

Organic Girl – Spinach and other varieties of lettuce mixes, to include Romaine

Attitude – Spinach – they have other varieties, so far we are buying the baby spinach only

Sunkist – Meyer’s Lemon in a bag

I found "Cal Organic" Rainbow Baby Carrots and "Freshkist" Cauliflower - Was unsuccessful at freezing both items

Coconut Cream: 

Trader Joe’s – Coconut Cream - if you live or go to the US

Everland  Organic Coconut Cream

Mae Ploy – Coconut Cream from Thailand – this one is really nice and creamy – great for making pumpkin pie using cookeatpaleo recipe

Blue Monkey – checks good too

We like using coconut cream in baking, and making green curry dishes.

Some General supplies:

Elias Honey – I use this one for my baking recipes – usually add ¼ to ½ of suggested in recipe

Sanj – Tamari soy sauce

Thai Kitchen - Green Curry Paste

Baker's Non -GMO Baking Powder

Nature's Finest - No Aluminum Baking Soda

Bragg’s Seasoning

Spread 'Em Kitchen Co. - Garlic Tzatziki and Balsamic Beet - are our usuals we have found a YES for us

Smart Choice -Himalayan Salt - generally salt is fine (no iodine in salt, so we take Trophic Iodine daily - for healthy thyroid function)

Maison Orphee – Dijon Mustard 

Nutritional Yeast, either bulk at the Coop in Bellingham, or from Trader Joe’s, and available locally

San Remo – Strained tomatoes in a glass bottle (note: better to buy from glass bottle versus plastic)  Same goes for Alcohol 

Coffee – Salt Spring Island, Nabob, Frog Friendly,

Happy Planet Orange Juice

Halo Oranges in a bag

Blue Lotus Chai - Traditional Masal Chai - from the Bellingham Coop - fantastic chai - reference for our US friends, or those who go down there

Trader Joe's Gyoza Dipping Sauce and Gyoza - again same thing


Cream for coffee – Daryland, Avalon, or Island Farms

Yoghurt – Olympic vanilla or plain – Thomas only

We get our eggs from a friend who has a farm, but the times the chickens are not laying eggs, we go to Rabbit River, Field Day, Country Golden Yolks to name a few

In terms of Humus and dips:

Sunflower Kitchen – usually get the classic

Habibi’s – red pepper

Spread’em Cashew Beet and Balsamic and some of their other lines

Nuts to you Almond Butter, Nature’s Nuts natural almond butter

For ease, I buy the Califia Farms unsweetened almond milk.

I used to some of the other brands of almond milk, coconut, cashew, and soy.  Soy products and actually chia seeds can raise your estrogen.

We generally have good luck in finding good avocadoes, B.C. Mushrooms, and the long Thai eggplants, limes, and zucchini. 

As much as possible we look for BC, local fruits and vegetables.  Best to check everything even if it says ‘no spray’.  

Found a Del Monte Pineapple at Save On the other day to use in carrot pineapple muffins by /https://cookeatpaleo.com


Granny’s chicken at the butcher in Ocean Park – it is dry plucked, processed differently and tastes very good as a result – buy the bones there of late to make chicken broth as base.   

Stapleton’s Sausages – they also come to the White Rock Farmer’s Market in the summer, and you can buy them at stores through the year

Chicken Gyoza Potstickers from Trader Joe’s - if you live or go to the US

Costco items:

Kirkland Almond Flour – I do all my baking using Almond flour and I love using the recipes from https://cookeatpaleo.com/  - simple, quick and using ‘clean’ ingredients

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil

Rodelle Organic Baking Cocoa

Coconut Sugar – although I am using honey more and less of it

Kirkland Pecans, almonds, and walnuts in the bags


Whittaker, Camino, Theo and Green and Blacks – mainly their 70-80 plus dark chocolates

Thomas and I like to take a ride down to the Bellingham Coop at times:  Blue Lotus Chai - Masala Chai (really good), almond butter freshly ground, Kite Hill chive cream cheese or plain made from almond milk, to give some examples

Water Filtration System:  We have a Travel Berkey and love it!  Check it out:  https://theberkey.com/pages/berkey-water-filters

We'll be purchasing a Berkey Shower head/filter soon

Personal Care/Soaps:  (we buy labels that are environmentally friendly and free of toxins - do a muscle test to check your body is saying yes to it)

Eco Laundry Soap

South of France body care soap

Seventh Generation of Dish Soap (or alike)

Tom's Toothpaste and Deodorant,

Jasons' Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel, Aloe Vera Cream and Vitamin E Cream

Brocco Fusion, and other Newco Products https://www.newconatural.ca/collections/all-products

In General: 

We don’t eat any kind of wheat products, rice flour, tapioca, brown rice, rice in general, dairy (except for Thomas in coffee).  At this point in our life, our digestive systems are selective, so we eat only that which our digestive system is happy with.  Hence, Beanfields has become our main grain to eat with eggs, avocadoes, humus and such.

Pre and Pro Biotics:  Good purpose for both of them

I also use Pre-biotics and Probiotics on a daily basis to keep my digestive system happy and things flowing peacefully.  It is about doing what works for you, and what your digestive system can handle with ease.

Farmer’s Market:

Once the Farmer’s Market opens again, our go to is On The Farm with Josh and Colin, Valley Gold Bee Co. for their honey, Joseph with Anderson Farms and Andrew with Odyssey at the White Rock Farmer’s Market to name a few.  We also receive some greens from my farming friend.  We generally do a check whose greens and fruits are clean and move towards using them regularly.

U Pick Farms: 

We make a day to pick the big blues at Matsqui Farms in early August to pick our blueberry supply for the year and store them in the freezer.  Hence, we have blueberry oatmeal in the morning.  We also received some peaches from the Okanagan in the summer time, blanched them and stuck them in the freezer.  Also froze some raspberries, and tomatoes from the summer crop.  It helps to have a freezer other than your fridge freezer.   We plan on harvesting more greens in the summer to freeze more of them for next winter.

Here is the link to our muscle test/sway testing information: http://www.thomas-moore.com/blog/self-muscle-testing-the-sway-test-or-standing-test/

Here are some of the most common toxins we find in clients.  Our check list includes many more, but these are just a few of the prevalent ones.  http://www.thomas-moore.com/blog/effect-of-food-toxins-on-your-body/

New development this week: 

We used to buy a particular brand of sweet peppers, but found as of this week in a client and a bag I purchased on the same day, they were a NO.  Something must have changed in their production line, or where they produce them.

Current experience with canned tuna: 

Careful with canned tuna for this morning I cleaned .4 mercury from by body.  Woke up this morning with a very sore throat, pain in my ears, my lymph nodes sore, overall not feeling good, foggy, a bit of pressure in my head and emotionally off.  Thank goodness for Chelazyme and of course to my honey Thomas.  By now, 3 hours later, I am already feeling much better, with all the mercury gone from the system.  Now the physical body needs a day to recover, the nervous system and the throat.

As mentioned, we hope this information is helpful to you.  Naturally, there are other products that check good.  We just listed some of the ones that are working for us.

Do contact and book a few minutes via phone or skype as soon as you feel off, feel you’ve picked up a toxin or two, or your body is showing unusual health symptoms. 

If you wish to book a short check in as a result of this email making sense to you, or feeling you could use one, please let us know.

We will, if necessary send you to the hospital.  We are all for using all the help you can get.  In our experience, we are able to offer guidance, and solutions once we talk to you. 

Ultimately, you get to choose what makes most sense to you.

With Love and Kindness,

Rita and Thomas


Disclaimer:  We cannot guarantee any of these items mentioned are free and clear of toxins.  Depending on how a manufacturer produces, ships, and stores their products, things can alter the final quality of goods.  These variations are out of our control.  We ask each of you to be responsible for your own checking.  It is a continuing flux situation we are seeing from our end and are doing the best we can to help each person who is asking for help.  Thank you!  Rita and Thomas, Harmony Healing Centre


Here is one client's response:

I really appreciate you taking the time to share your information with us - especially me who is only beginning to learn how to sway test.  Please keep me on your list to receive updates.  What a wonderful feeling to be part of an informed community.  And I look forward to the day when I can so reliably trust my sway testing that I can share some tidbits about what works for me and what doesn't.  - Anonymous