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Self Muscle Testing: The Sway Test or Standing Test

Self Muscle Testing: The Sway Test or Standing Test

There are many ways to self-muscle-test to receive answers from your subconscious mind (your own intuitive guidance system) to realize whether something is having a positive or negative effect on your body, health, and emotional self.  In asking the right question and being willing to hear/feel/sense and accept truth, your body will be drawn to the positive or the truth, while repel itself away from something that doesn’t feel right nor is good for you.

The sway test is the easiest one to learn on your own at home and the one we will use for our purposes here.  The key to receiving a true answer is to get the mind, emotions, and your ego out of the way to allow for a true answer, that is either a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to your question(s).  Each question has to be clear.   

If you have trouble standing, this can be done in a chair, and/or holding on to something to ensure you won’t tip over.

The Set Up and Intention:

1.      Stand or sit up straight with your feet pointing directly forward.  Relax your mind and bring awareness into your body with your hands at your sides.

2.      Set the intention to accept truth to your questions at all times.

3.      This means, being willing to forgo something you really want to eat, to buy, or to have.  You can always ignore the truth as you have free will.  Overriding truth may result in consequences, so your best choice is to listen and accept truth – that which will bring you peace and health.

4.      Pay attention to the mind and the ego chatter – be still in the mind - take a breath.

Now you are ready to perform an accuracy check: To ensure you are receiving an accurate response, start by making a statement or hold a thought in your head you know to be true like “My name is …” (and say your own name).  Then state an untruth, something like “My name is …….” (use another name).

Notice, feel, and/or sense the response of your body for each statement.   You should either feel yourself being gently pulled forward for a “yes” response, or repelled back signaling it’s not true or your body is not in resonance with the statement, which would be a “no” response.

Be sure to pay attention, to be still in the mind, to be open for truth, and wait for the body to show you the response.

Next, set the following intention by thinking or saying to yourself:

That you wish to only purchase or eat/drink that which is free and clear of toxins (BPA, BPF, BPS, Thallium, organic pesticides, insecticides, mold, glyphosate, bacteria, silicon, plastics, or any other heavy metals or toxins).

A ‘yes’ – leaning forward – means the food item is a ‘yes’ – it is safe to take home and eat.

A ‘no’ –leaning backward – means the food item is a ‘no’ – not safe to take home and eat.

Now you can begin asking questions using the sway test.

Imagine you are in the grocery store, hold an item in your hand, maybe a zucchini, or put your hand on or over the zucchini and ask to see if it is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on this item.  If you get a ‘yes’, it is safe, then you can pick up however many and check quickly are they all a ‘yes’.  If the zucchini is a ‘no’, then go to another vegetable or item.  Continue this procedure with your next items.  Be patient with yourself.  It is like learning a new tool.  It takes time and patience. 

If you are receiving mixed messages, always go back to the basics of checking what is my ‘yes’; what is my ‘no’!  If you are emotionally upset or overwhelmed, and your back (rear) heart chakra is closed with ego in charge, be mindful you may get the wrong answer.  Go back to sending love to self, calming the mind, the ego, and perhaps take a few minutes to take care of yourself emotionally before trying again.  Do not give up. 

You can use this technique in any aspect of your life – the foods you wish to purchase and eat or drink, what supplements to take on a daily basis, whether to go on an outing with a friend or stay home.  Any time you need to make a decision on a moment by moment basis, you can tune in to what is my next step and which choice do I make using specific questions to get your ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer in that given moment. This is an excellent tool to become tuned in to yourself and your guidance system.  It is an intention to work together with your spirit, your true nature.

That’s it!  The more you practice this technique and are committed to working with your own guidance/intuitive system, the better you’ll get at getting clear answers to your questions.  You can also choose to use a pendulum instead if you like. 

A couple of important tips to add:

  • Remember to check EVERYTHING you wish to ingest:  Foods (fruits/vegetables/frozen/packaged foods/restaurant foods), canned food, coffee, Wine, Alcohol contained in plastic bottles, Drinks, chicken, eggs, or other meat sources, etc
  • Organic label does NOT mean it is better or 'clean'.  Organic can contain organic pesticides, BPA, Thallium, and/or other toxins.

The purpose to using this technique to checking your foods/drinks and/or anything you wish to ingest is to stay healthy.  Many of our regular clients know of newest motto:  “Contact us as soon as possible to book in a short call/Skype check in."  The sooner we can catch whatever is impacting your health, the sooner you will be on track again. 

Enjoy this process of building your confidence and getting to know yourself better. 

Rita and Thomas