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The Effects of Food Toxins on your Health and Body

The Effects of Food Toxins on your Health and Body

In our practice we have found that our food chain is compromised by various toxins, heavy metals, plastics and derivatives of plastics. The following is a list of symptoms that can occur if you have ingested one or more of them. It should be noted that as you acquire higher levels of these, the symptoms will increase.

BPA Bisphenol A – Liver function is impaired, hormones are seriously affected and lactic acid is created in incremental levels with increased levels of BPA. Other organs and the nervous system are also effected by specific types of BPA. It seems the manufacturing process differentiates and can effect one or more of these organs or systems:

·       Nervous system -  shaking, twitches, sometimes motion is impaired

·       Heart - causing arrhythmia and or palpitations

·       Kidneys - lower back pain

·       Pancreas -  sugar absorption problems and diabetes type symptoms

·       Thalamus - hot flashes and internal body heat

It should be noted that because BPA can cause severe hormone disruption, there is an incremental possible increase of estrogen dominant cancer.

BPF Bisphenol F – Has the same symptoms as BPA and includes flu-like symptoms. In addition, the impact is greater on the liver, hormones and lactic acid levels, and even small amounts will cause serious symptoms.  Is used in packaging, can liners, to replace BPA.  The liner may say BPA free, but may contain BPF instead. 

BPS Bisophenol S - another variation of plastics used to replace BPA, mostly in packaging.   The symptoms are worse and hit the body harder in small dosage(s).  Same symptomology as BPA, except worse.  You feel like you have flu, head and back of the neck pressure, feeling really off, tired, digestion is impacted, body aches all over, legs feel like they did when growing up with growing pains, stomach upset, extreme diarrhea, vomiting and dizziness depending on the amount of BPS in your system, and can barely stand up without wanting to throw up.  These physical symptoms are directly taken from clients who have experienced BPS in their body.  BPS comes from food packaging - in this case cookies in BPS plastics, one brand we found North American, and one Dutch make.   We are finding many more products/foods impacted by BPS due to the packaging used by the manufacturer.  Please note:  The more BPS in your system, the worse you feel and the worse the symptoms.  Chelazyme is a effective product to clean out the BPS, and again, best to contact us to do a short check in to determine what exactly you have picked up/ingested so we can recommend the right remedy. 

Plastics – Can cause the same symptoms as BPA, as well as increased thalamus function causing hot flashes. They can cause severe unexplained muscle spasms particularly in the abdominal area.

Organic Pesticides – We have found three distinct variations in symptomology due to this toxin. The first penetrates the blood brain barrier and causes headaches for days due to brain swelling. It also effects liver function. The second variation increases hypothalamus function over 120% which also increases adrenal function in incremental amounts. This can manifest as a buzzy, wired but tired feeling. .We saw a number of children who have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) that have organic pesticides and increased adrenal function to 120% or more. Again, liver function is impaired. The third variation causes hormonal imbalances and effects liver function, but can also cause headaches due to brain swelling.

Thallium – A heavy metal that causes decreased hypothalamus function consequently adrenal function is lowered. Low adrenal levels can cause headaches, dizziness, sleep disruption, food allergies, increased histamine levels, environmental sensitivities, light sensitivities and a weaker energy field. Long term it can decrease melatonin, serotonin, Gaba and 5-HTP levels. This can cause sleep impairment and depression. Thallium also causes dizziness on its own. One thing that should be noted is that if an organic pesticide has been ingested along with Thallium, it will piggy-back on the pesticide and penetrate the blood brain barrier. Thallium will severely affect the nervous system depending on the level and length of ingestion. Digestion can also be affected.

New discovery due to Thallium exposure in the body:  We are discovering when a person continues to pick up Thallium regularly, and/or has long term exposure to Thallium in the body, a plaque is created by the Thallium in the bloodstream lining the vascular system.  In addition, this can affect various organs, and with enough plague can cause heart attack and/or stroke.  This issue can cause restriction of bloodflow to the various organs.  It also tends to mimic diabetes, raises cholesterol levels, and prevents the kidneys from purifying the blood.  This can cause gout due to excess uric acid. 

Various Heavy Metals – Such as copper, lead, beryllium, arsenic, manganese, mercury and aluminum. Most of these will affect the nervous system, hypothalamus, adrenal glands and possibly brain function. In addition, beryllium can cause prostatitis and over long term prostate cancer. Most of these will also affect the liver and other organs. Copper and lead will seriously affect the nervous system.

Bacteria – We have seen many cases of digestive bacterial infections. Most. will cause pain, bloating, diarrhea and/or constipation.

Glyphosate - is an ingredient used in round up.  Can be found prmarily in grains and also vegetables.  We picked up glyphosate from no brand quick cooking oats.  Impacts the lungs resulting in coughing, flem, congestion, and the heat regulator in the body - the thymus. 

Mercury - just experienced picking up .4 mercury from skipjack tuna in a can.  Here are the symptoms:  feeling like a flu is coming on, with real sore throat, feeling off in general, foggy, sensations in the lymph nodes in the armpit, pressure in the brain, the tuna penetrated the blood brain barrier, and compromised my nervous system - overall, sympathetic, and sympathetic - to less than half its normal function

We all need to be aware of what we eat, where it comes from and the packaging it is in. Buying organic does not necessarily mean it does not have heavy metals that naturally occur in the soil and or BPA, which is sprayed inside plastic PVC or polycarbonate irrigation piping.

The blueberries in the above photograph are from an organic farm we visit every summer to pick our supply for the year.