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The Key to Lifelong Happiness

The Key to Lifelong  Happiness

The key points of lifelong happiness are learning to love yourself fully and open the chakra located in the back of your heart.  If it is closed or blocked, then the ego is in charge and our actions reflect that we are experiencing fear and are protecting self. This is an indication that we are not loving ourselves.  Most human beings grew up in families that did not love themselves.  Many of us had a tough childhood, experienced abuse, felt unloved or abandoned.  When the ego is fully in charge, our spirit will sit back and observe.  It is not really involved with our human existence.

As spirits we incarnate, choose a body and an ego.  The ego has three emotions, fight, flight and the needing to be loved.  Fight and flight are pretty simple to understand - the need to be loved needs more explanation.  If we did not have this aspect of ego, we would never marry and procreate. Each of us would just go our own way and life would not be as we know it.

The ego seeks to be loved and constantly looks for something outside of itself to make it happy, such as material items (cars, homes, clothes, purses, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, or sex). The nature of these items is ephemeral at best. Once the ego receives its latest desire, it moves on to the next one. It is never happy and always searching. When the ego is in charge, there usually are addictive and/or co-dependent behaviors, such as relationships issues, control patterns, judging self or others, blame, attention seeking, and eating disorders.  When we look outside of ourselves, blaming, controlling, and/or needing perfection, we have not learned to bring awareness, responsibility or acceptance to all aspects of our own being.

Our chakras are funnel-shaped spinning energy vortexes of multicolored light within our bodies.  The 7 major chakras align with our spine. The term "chakra" comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disc.  Chakras are located in both the front and back of our bodies.  These chakras can be open or closed depending on our emotional state of being and physical challenges.

When we choose to focus on opening our back heart chakra and send love to our ego, it is getting exactly what it wants... Love.  Love from self!!  As you open your back heart chakra, a feeling of calmness comes over you.  Your emotional body starts to settle down and you feel calmer every time you do this.  In essence, you are soothing and calming that part of you (ego/fear) that always protected you in the past and you're letting it know that it is okay.  You are taking care of yourself.  Now your spirit is in the lead with your ego sitting back beside you.  Now spirit and ego can walk hand in hand, both creating from a place of love.

Learning to love yourself and remembering to keep open your back heart chakra is a practice that take time, focus and mindfulness.  It does not happen overnight because the ego has been in charge for a long time.  You have to stay alert and become aware of your body, your reactions and emotions in yourself and being around other people.  Circumstances can cause the back heart chakra to close as a way to protect yourself.  If the ego is in charge again, you rerun the programs of fight, flight or need to be loved.  Take time to close your eyes, breathe into your body, bring mindfulness inside, calming self, calming the ego.  Listen to the Rose Exercise on YouTube again and send love to yourself.

Thomas was guided to create the Rose Exercise Meditation to offer a visual and practical tool to help people open their back heart chakras on their own and learn to love themselves. Say "Ego I Love You" over and over. Feel into your body, accept what is, in the moment.  Be attentive to your inner being like you would with a child.  You are soothing and calming you.  Be gentle with yourself.  Say your name to yourself and "I Love You".  It may be difficult at first, particularly if the circumstances and/or your emotional pain is overwhelming.  If emotional pain and trauma is buried too deep to access on your own, this is the time to ask for support. 

Keep at it, you are worthy of opening your back heart and loving yourself.
It will become much easier the more you practice.
Do the Rose Exercise before you go to bed at night, it will help you sleep better.

Loving self and opening the back heart is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you will ever do for yourself.