Harmony Healing Centre


Meditation - Spiritual Connection - Healing Circle

We are now underway with our January 2015 since Jan. 14th!

We go within allowing love and healing through a guided meditation and being in a Merkaba energetic field.  We discuss other topics, support, and tools to include what is happening energetically as we move into the coming weeks and months of 2015. 
These evenings are beneficial in guiding every participant to return to that still place within themselves, strenghtenging their inner connection with the divine, and clearing and releasing energy no longer needed.  This weekly support and practice benefits and grounds everyone to walk in strength, personal power, open heart, and awareness in their daily lives.

[ 10 ] sessions in this course - Cost $192.00

This meditation series started Jan. 14th and goes to including March 18, 2015

The next series of 10 starts March 25th, 2015

[ 10 ] sessions in this course - Cost $192