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Meditation and Ascension Healing Circle

We are currently in our January 10 Week Meditation Series.  Next 10 Week Series starts Wednesday March 19th, 2014. Pre registration is required.  Limited seating.   

The Meditation and Healing Circle provides a rich environment for personal growth.  Thomas and Rita provide a depth of learning and grounded safe setting along with practical tools that enable each person to walk more strongly in their energy using their own gifts in the world.
- Attunement to the Ascension Energies of 2013/14
- Learn to love ourselves - open the back heart chakra
- Create Group Cohesiveness and connection
- Energetic Tools for self awareness and protection
- Guided Healing Meditations
- Raise our vibrational frequency
- Connection and healing with Guides
- Activation of the Mer-ka-ba
- Healing and releasing of old energies/patterns/emotions
- Talk about the energies on the planet and how they may be affecting us, and why
- The importance of loving ourselves in respect to the above
- The benefit of being fully present in your body to feel and release emotional energies
- Questions and Answers
Contact us at www.thomas-moore.com or call us at 778-552-1608 if you are interested in joining us.

"I  just wanted to thank Thomas and Rita for holding this space for us to learn and  grow. It is such a welcoming and warm environment I always feel comfortable  being myself and asking for help if needed.  The confidence and self awareness  they have helped me find within myself in invaluable.  I am so thankful for  meeting Thomas and Rita. I do feel like they have helped me change my life in a  profound way. I do believe that everyone would benefit from having a session  with them. "
 - Tara, Nov. 2012

[ 10 ] sessions in this course - Cost $210

Intuitive Women/Goddess and Embrace Your Gifts

Our focus will be to continue walking with our spirit at the helm.
  • open our hearts fully open, front and back heart
  • see Rose Exercise http://youtu.be/aK68Dxw57d4
  • be and live from your true power
  • be grounded and in balance in your life
  • clear any emotional blocks and patterns
  • to master walking with spirit and calming our ego
  • being transparent and willing to be seen
  • support each other in our process and intuitive gifts
  • to create a new level of connection with each other based on trust, safety,  honesty, and support
  • align with these new energies on the planet in body, mind, spirit and  emotion
If you are interested in joining this circle for your own personal growth and development contact Rita at 778-552-1608

"I have to say, these past couple of weeks in the Goddess Circle have been transformational for me.  Listening to the shares of others it hit me, we truly are so alike, while it may appear that we are individual, we are also very much connected divinely.  I was humbled when I heard one of the women share about her“story” and how she has “played small” for most of her life.  Here is a woman, Goddess whom I felt had it all together, and yet here she is sharing her story of playing small and now ready to let this go and allow her true power to show, just like me.  I love the honesty, genuineness and absolute safety I feel while I am in the circle.
- Donna McRae, January 2013

[ 6 ] sessions in this course - Cost $240

Meditation and Ascension Healing

[ 10 ] sessions in this course - Cost $0

Intuitive Women/Goddess and Embrace Your Gifts

[ 6 ] sessions in this course - Cost $240