Harmony Healing Centre


Meditation and Healing Circle - Personal Energy Management

Ready to join a weekly meditation practice that brings you calm, peace, healing, support and clarity of being in your strength and love in your life?  Come join this beautiful open hearted circle of men and women. 
Call Rita at 778-552-1608 or Thomas at 604-725-5612 to sign up.
Pre-Registration is required. 
We accept cash or cheque. 

We go within allowing love and healing through a guided meditation and being in a Merkaba energetic field.  We discuss other topics, support, and tools to include what is happening energetically as we move into the coming weeks and months of 2015.
These evenings are beneficial in guiding every participant to return to that still place within themselves, strenghtenging their inner connection with the divine, and clearing and releasing energy no longer needed.  This weekly support and practice benefits and grounds everyone to walk in strength, personal power, open heart, and awareness in their daily lives.

[ 10 ] sessions in this course - Cost $192

Awaken your Goddess/Embrace your Gifts/Be on Track with your own Guidance

Ready to move forward in our life this fall?  Are you feeling fear, stuck and/or unsure of your next move?  Ready to feel your own personal power, love yourself and create a successful life of joy, love, health and more?  Come and join us for this transformational 6 week journey to support you in being on track with you.  

Our focus will be to continue walking with our spirit at the helm.
  • open our hearts fully open, front and back heart
  • see Rose Exercise http://youtu.be/aK68Dxw57d4
  • be and live from your true power
  • be grounded and in balance in your life
  • clear any emotional blocks and patterns
  • to master walking with spirit and calming our ego
  • being transparent and willing to be seen
  • support each other in our process and intuitive gifts
  • to create a new level of connection with each other based on trust, safety,  honesty, and support
  • align with these new energies on the planet in body, mind, spirit and  emotion
If you are interested in joining this circle for your own personal growth and development contact Rita at 778-552-1608

[ 6 ] sessions in this course - Cost $265