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Guided Meditation Circle

Sept. 13th, 2017 (onwards) for 10 weeks
Guided Meditation Circle

We start the evening with a short check-in with each person and then prepare to receive the guided healing meditation facilitated by Thomas and Rita.  Thomas guides the group through energy clearing, opening of chakras, along with other techniques as needed, and then moves into the guided meditation. In addition, we discuss self care, health, current topics of concern and provide guidance.

In coming each week, a deepening occurs in the practice of going within, listening to inner guidance, and releasing that which is no longer needed. This spiritual practice provides a person with emotional balance, grounding, spiritual understanding, and personal strength to create a positive, peaceful and harmonious life.

Call Rita at 778-552-1608 and/or send us an email to sign up. Pre-Registration is required. We accept cash, cheque or etransfer for payment.

[ 10 ] sessions in this course - Cost $189

Emotional Integration Women Circle

Sept. 11th, 2017 (onwards) for 6 weeks

Rita was first guided to initiate Women Circles in 2011 with the intention of offering women a safe, open, and loving space to be, grow emotionally and spiritually, experiencing being with other women in this energy. Lynda emerged into her role as Rita's co-facilitator from the beginning.

Together they create an atmosphere of amazing support and encouragement for women to come into their true strength, loving themselves, and bringing forward their intuitive gifts. They assist women to differentiate between their fear-based egoic self and loved-based true self.

This circle gives women an opportunity to feel safe, to expose their vulnerabilities and fears for us to examine and release. This ultimately helps each woman to land deeper into her integrated self. It is a birthing process we walk through together holding love, support and kindness for one another. Only when we expose the shadow aspects in a safe environment can we heal together to create a new paradigm of human being.

If you are interested in joining this circle for your own personal growth and development contact Rita at 778-552-1608 and/or send us an email.

[ 6 ] sessions in this course - Cost $265

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