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Video Production by Trevor Marples at 9th Dimension Productions.

This is the one we speak of the most in terms of helping people learn to love themselves fully. Most of us are not aware of the rear heart chakra or that matter that we have chakras not only in the front but also in the back of our bodies. The rear heart is the one that determines whether are in a place of loving ourselves and others for when it is shut we are coming from Ego. From this perspective we run any of these three emotions - fight, flight or neediness all the time. When we open the rear heart chakra we are now aligned with our spirit, guidance and love. What this means for us is that we feel better about ourselves, create healthy and loving relationships, personally and professionally. We now attract more good to us for we become a vibrational match to those who vibrate coming from love also (Hearts open front AND BACK). We are currently in the process of creating a CD to include a full channeled explanation on this subject and the importance of all of us learning to do this for ourselves. The CD may be available for sale by November 2012.

Contact Talk Radio Interviews with Thomas Moore and Rita Britnell

Dr. Anne Marie Evers, the Affirmation Expert on her Contact Talk Radio Network had a 30 minutes to discuss the work of Thomas J. Moore, Medical Intuitive and Rita Britnell, Emotional Intuitive at Harmony Healing Centre, the practical benefits of this work, the hope, relief, clarity and joy it brings to many who come for sessions. The plan is to follow up by with a full hour of discussion and direct calls at a later date.

First Interview - Listen here>>.

Second Interview - Listen here>>.

Astral Connection Interviews with Thomas Moore and Rita Britnell

Part 1 of Interview: Contents of Video
Background to Thomas and Rita, The Teamwork, Current Energies on the Planet and the effects on the Background human body, Meaning of Multi Dimensional Energy, Anchestral Patterning, and Energetic DNA Repair Work, Dimensional Beings, Guides and Helpers, Does this work for anyone?  Do you need to believe in any of this stuff or be 'spiritual'?  Accessing Truth the body is trying to tell you, The Rose Exercise and What does it look like to love yourself.

Part 2 of Interview: Contents of Video: Making Contact with your Guides
Building trust with your guidance system, How we create the space in Workshops and Classes and what we do, The Goddess Groups and the Purpose of them, Explanation of Medical Intuition and in particular how Thomas' uses his ability in that regard. Specifics on arteriosclerosis, thyroid and background on iodine, Addressing spinal and backpain in that Thomas is able to see it, release the pain through accutapping and address the reasons for the pain.

Part 3 of Interview: Contents of Video: Inner Child and Patterning Work
Emotional Release work and how Thomas and Rita work in tandem together, What a 'balance' session looks like, the role and particiation of the client, Cycles of intense energy  on the Planet and the 2012 topic and the manifestation in the body 'forcing a release of blockages', Discussion of Soul Ages and choice of soul a pregnant mother has in a new born child.

We thank Shahiroz and Azlim at Astral Connections for their support and efforts in creating these informative interviews above.

If any of you who have listened to the interview have questions on any of the material, please feel free to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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