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Thomas and Rita are available for joint and/or individual sessions in person, by telephone or via (Skype) internationally.  We are most effective in working together with you in addressing your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects and current situation. 

In just one session with us we provide clarity, support, alignment, clearing of your energy field, healing, emotional release, and understanding  what your body's (organs and systems') needs are to restrengthen and take charge of your health.  We fill in the missing pieces to the medical system and work with many clients complementing their current healthcare needs. 

We provide you with practical and effective solutions to moving forward in your health and life and suggest a follow up session within a month or so depending on each person's situation.  We care about our clients and wish for them to regain their health and to create joyful, loving and fulfilling lives and their families.  

Below is a list of the services we provide. Please note any number of these and combinations occur naturally while you are in session.  Bring all your questions and concerns with you.  We will help you. 

Medical Intuition

A Medical Intuitive is someone who perceives physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues and is able to identify them. In some instances it is like taking an x-ray without the machine or being able to discern a specific point in time where a personal trauma has caused an emotional block. A Medical Intuitive can  tell whether a person has cancer, miasm, vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Emotional Intuition

An Emotional Intuitive is someone who is able to feel and sense another person’s emotions. She can track another person’s emotions on an energetic level and can assist in releasing buried emotions that may have roots in early childhood. In order for a person to know and feel the connection to their inner guidance, it is essential to clear old emotional blocks. The release of old held emotions can change the physiology of a body and return it to state of wholeness and health and put a person’s life on track in a balanced and empowered way.

Auric Cleansing

Auric cleansing is used to clear someone’s aura of emotional or physical blockages or pain. Our energy field extends from our body and interacts with humans and animals as well as inanimate objects. Our energy field can have holes from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual injuries and have dark or hot spots, which need to be sealed or removed. Each person’s auric field has 10 layers, each layer corresponding to a chakra. Our auras show us how we feel - if we are healthy or not.

Past Life Trauma Clearing

Most of us have lived many lifetimes. Emotional and physical trauma in a past lifetime can effect who we are and how we react today. Such trauma can be in the form of a fear or phobia, like fear of heights or flying. Removal of the past life trauma or realization that a past life is at the root of this fear will relieve, or release its hold on you today and frees you to live to your full potential.

Pain Relief

In many instances, performing Healing Touch or other modalities of energy work relieves physical pain along with the Key Soft Tissue Release and Accu-Tapping Method. Many clients come to see him for pain in the areas of back, neck, shoulder, head, sciatic, and knees. Thomas has the advantage of using his gift of seeing the skeletal system to find the root cause of the pain and to release it.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are energy vortices that bring energy from all things into our body. Our chakra system gives us life. We all need food and water to sustain physical life; we also need our chakras to be open and operating properly to give us energy and well being. Chakra balancing does not just open each chakra, but repairs any that have been damaged by physical or emotional trauma.

Spiritual Counselling

Over many years,  we realize our role here is to bring truth to our way of life. We have found that a spiritual path is beneficial for our well being. Having someone to turn to when we are hurting emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually can change our lives. Realization that we are all one and that we are connected spiritually, can change our perception of how we view others and ourselves. My spiritual path has been fraught with pain and healing, this experience does help others, as I know the pitfalls, trials and tribulations of a spiritual path.

Business Consulting and Guidance

Thomas provides support to you and your company combining his business experience, wisdom,  and channeled guidance in the area of company direction and contractual negotiations. This is most helpful in these changing times allowing choices of right action to bring about positive changes to yourself, your company and the planet.


Accu-tapping is a modality where Thomas gently taps various parts of the skeletal system, encouraging a change of position. This tapping usually places the bone back into place and pain is relieved. Thomas in particular has perfected tapping of a person’s ribs to help relieve pain in the back, shoulders and lower rib cage. It can be used correct misalignment and relieve pain in the back, hips, knees, ankles, feet, arms, wrists and skull. Many people with back pain or a concussion seek help from Thomas.

Key Soft Tissue Release

In this technique Thomas is able to pinpoint precisely the source of pain the client is experiencing. Using his abilities and soft tissue massage on these key spots allows for the tightness in the muscle or tendon to release.  This method has proven to be successful with many clients who have suffered with pain even though they experience other modalities. The key is that Thomas can see where the problem originates.

Energetic DNA Repair

Repair of the one master DNA cell in the pineal gland creates a cascade effect for all the other DNA molecules in the body and improves the body’s health.

Master Cell Connection

All organs have master cells, which over time loose their connection to one another. This connection allows them to communicate in an energetic way, creating a more balanced physical body.

Repair of Soul Seat

The soul seat is the physical location where spirit connects to the body. Spirit and body may be disconnected in an accident, assault or emotional trauma resulting in a person not being grounded and/or not feeling fully connected to the body. This may be as a result of one incident, or many over the course of your lifetime.  Energetic repair restores the balance and enables a person to feel fully grounded, connected and balanced.

Divine Ka Activation

Ka activation enables us to attune ourselves to the new energies coming to our world. This is done in almost every session for we are in currently in an acceleration of energetic times.

Discovering Your Soul Age

Do you ever wonder why you are different to other members of your family, why you are not able to connect with your mother, father, brother or sisters? Find out who you are in terms of your soul age. This discovery helps you to understand who you are and your purpose and learning within the family. This clarity alone helps many to understand why they have the kind of relationships within the family they do, and empowers them to feel good about themselves, and accept their unique nature.

Distance Healing

Upon request, Thomas connects to the energy of a person from a distance. This can be across town or as far away as New York, Toronto, Missouri or Australia. He can accurately read your energy system and do an internal view of your body to assess where there may be a problem. A course of action including emotional clearing, supplements, diet and exercise may be recommended. For that purpose, Skpe works very well in being able to see one another, or phone.

Group Work and Classes

Four Levels of Meditation:  Beginner, Intermediate, Mer-ka-ba and Living in the Heart

Goddess Temple Classes:  Awaken To Your Goddess Nature

Other: Dowsing (Pendulum), Energetic Healing and Protection (First Aid),  Accu-Tapping, Michael Chart

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