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Services We Offer

Thomas and Rita are available for joint and/or individual sessions in person via Skype, Facetime or telephone.  We are most effective in working together with you in addressing your whole being - your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies, and to address your current challenges.

We provide you with support, healing, understanding and solutions of your body's needs to strengthen and regain health.  We fill in the missing pieces to the medical system and work with many clients complementing their current healthcare needs. 

We provide you with practical and effective solutions that help you move forward in your health, your life and your relationships.  We encourage follow up sessions to see you through the process of recovery.  We want to see our clients do well, regain their health and see them create joyful, loving and fulfilling lives. 

Below is a list of the services we provide. Please note any number and/or combinations of these occur naturally while you are in session with us. Bring your questions and concerns with you. We will help you.