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Emotional Healing and Integration

Emotional Healing and Integration

As an Emotional Intuitive, Rita is able to feel and sense another person’s emotions, track them on an energetic level and assist in releasing buried emotions that may have roots in early childhood. In order for a person to know and feel the connection to their inner guidance, it is essential to clear old emotional blocks.

Rita provides the gentle, loving, feminine energy, support and space needed where deep healing of old emotional wounds can occur.  She guides you inside to sense, feel and experience your own essence from a place of trust, peace, and calm.  She meets you in the place of vulnerability, fear, trauma, and anxiety to assist you in the deep healing of that which may be keeping you in old patterns, and not loving self. 

As Rita walks with you on this inner journey, she assists you in becoming familiar with your new self, the one who is not afraid, but has a sense of inner confidence and personal power.

Rita provides tools, guidance, and direction to help you continue strengthening your integrated and loving self beyond the session time in all areas of your life. Rita hopes for every person to discover their own place of feeling good about themselves and to create a balanced life of joy, love, and health.