Harmony Healing Centre


I was lucky enough to be recommended Thomas and Rita through a family friend, and from the first appointment I knew my health was going to drastically change. I had been suffering from a variety of symptoms, including weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, sluggish metabolism, digestive issues, severe PMS and cyclical edema. I had been to three endocrinologists, 2 medical doctors and 2 naturopath prior to coming to Harmony Healing Center. While working with Thomas and Rita, we addressed some underlying issues they uncovered such as high BPA levels, heavy metals and counteracting the effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) that had been impacting my immune system, adrenals, thyroid and liver to name a few. After just two months, I feel like a different person and all of my symptoms have improved and continue to improve. I am so grateful for their continued help and kindness throughout the process. They are warm, welcoming, knowledgeable and confident in their ability to help others. I can’t thank you both enough!
-M.A, March 2016

Thank you for the powerful session.  The loving supportive space you created for me allowed me to be comfortable with my vulnerability.  I was able to go to a very deep level emotionally and work through many layers that I could never have done on my own.  The love I felt was so comforting. 
- B.P. July 2014

Dear Rita and Thomas, THANK YOU so much for your help and support I FEEL like a new person, actually I feel like the real me again :) New peace in my heart and understanding, I love this new normal!!! I have so much gratitude and love for you both and the enormous difference you have made in our lives in such a short time, thank you thank you thank you!!!
Yes please put me on the list for the women's circle! I feel strongly it is important for my development right now, I would love to be there :)
Thank you so much, you two are incredible life savers and have inspired Russ and I so much with your shining light and compassion. Thank you!! Love to you both!!   Of course you can use as a testimonial.  I want everyone I know to see you guys.  -Love Linzy and Russ, April 2015

homas, I am so grateful I consulted you about my parasite problem. After trying every route with specialists to treat my numerous parasites from travel you put me on a product that finally did the job!! You are the best!!!  In gratitude,  AB, October 2013

Good morning Rita,  Thank you, thank you, and thank you for an amazing evening last night. WOW!!!! What a beautiful group and beautiful energy. I have been yearning for a deep healing group and I have found such. The nurturance and love is divine and the support from both you and Linda is so rich. I look forward to the healing and growth over the next few weeks. It is easy to see why women return to such a group. I can see myself as one of your returning students.   I am excitedly looking forward to next Monday!!!!   With gratitude and love, Stephanie
Choosing your Baby's Spirit Testimonial:  
What a wonderful session!   Before entering The Harmony Healing Centre - I felt tense, sore, uncertain, and a little hesitant. With concerns and worries fluttering through my mind.  Upon leaving - I left smelling of aromatherapy. I had a feeling of abundance, a bounce in my step, inner peacefulness, clarity, a happy glow, a feeling of bliss, and over all joy.   What a transformation. In my diary I wrote "I'm sooo relaxed". My body felt rejuvenated and cared for. During my session, my favourite part was being on the table... It felt like I was on a cloud.   Thomas and Rita make such a wonderful team. The moment I walked in I felt safe. Thomas is such a gentle man, with a kind heart. And Rita does a lovely job of making the space feel warm and cozy.   I learned about many different things during my time with Thomas and Rita. We covered different topics like, family, relationships, health, and even popped in a bit of channeling. There was one topic in particular that I enjoyed immensely, hearing the different souls for my little baby girl. I had never heard of choosing a soul age for your baby. It was a brand new concept for me, which I found very interesting. I had seven souls who wanted to join me. Each were hoping to be chosen. There was quite a variety, from old souls, to baby souls, to mature souls and even a crystal was in the mix. It was so neat to hear about each of their personalities and experiences. I did not choose right away, because I wanted some time to think it over.  If you are an expectant mother, I highly recommend going and hearing which little souls wish to be with you too.  Even if you aren't a woman or pregnant for that matter, a visit with Thomas and Rita is such an awakening experience. You will enjoy yourself and come away with knowledge that you didn't have before.  Thank you Thomas & Rita! 
- A Very Happy Young Mother To Be
When I went for my appointment with Thomas and Rita I intuitively knew to expect the unexpected.  Upon entering the healing room I felt I was in good hands the emphasis on the plural as there weremany helpers and healers there.  What I believed would be complicated was proven simple and straight forward because Thomas and Rita were able to receive the required information that in their understanding and discerning hands  could be translated into how and what needed attention.  We shifted a great deal of energy and then some.  It was a thorough investigation- comprehensive. In this larger presence the bigger picture was well represented and therefore the solutions to my good health returning easily came to light and were made accessible.  My energy was so light and so clear as I left. I felt as though I had been rebirthed.  Thank you so much Thomas and Rita for your time, dedication and love.  I am deeply grateful, - Allannah, August 2013
I would like to recommend a wonderful couple that are helping people all over the world with their intuitive gifts and healing talents.  If you live in the B.C. area and are wanting an alternative to traditional medicine, you should consider Rita M. Britnell and Thomas. J. Moore at Harmony Healing Centre in White Rock.  If you live elsewhere, you can meet them on skype or phone.  Their work is eye opening, precise, and at times unbelievable when they tell you things they have no way of knowing.  If you want to know more about what and how they do things, feel free to pm me or visit their website for more info.  
- Jen Reilley, Dominion Republic, August 2013

Before I tell you about my experience with Thomas Moore, I need to confess that I have been diagnosed by my therapist as suffering from neuro-hypochondria. This condition has been with me since childhood.. The mere sight of blood would send my Mother and subsequently myself into a state of hyper fear and panic. I am now 71 years old and after seven years of therapy and the work I did with Thomas over the last month has convinced me that there is something very powerful available to us if we allow it to enter into our lives.   What has been standing in my way was my core belief that I I do not have power over my body. Because I was always taught to be fearful of God, and life in general. I also would put everything in the hands of doctors, or go to the other extreme and put my life in the hands of psychic and spiritual healers, never trusting myself to cure myself. I told Thomas I would not write about my experiences with him till after my surgery.   It's now been a week and my head has cleared. When I first went to Thomas I already knew what I had, but I did not tell him. On my first session with him he positively identified a tumor on the surface of my bladder. He told me it was not cancerous and not to be concerned. He also did a further scan of my body and discovered that my immune system was severely compromised because of my chrones disease.   I was put on a number of natural medicinal products, including silver and iodine. After a month I returned to see him and and he scanned again and told me the tumor had shrunk from it's original size and was no longer an issue, and the bladder stone had also shrunk in size.   After the surgery, my urologist called my wife and told her he was delighted to report that the tumor had shrunk in size from 2 centimeters to .5 centimeters and did not require a biopsy, and the bladder stone had shrunk from 3 centimeters to 2 centimeters and was removed without problem.   And so the moral of this story and testimony is that Thomas has indeed a gift, but his gift is not as a healer, but as a scientific messenger. He has managed to marry science, human physiology, and the power of our own mind to heal ourselves , through our intentions, if we give ourselves permission. I needed proof before I could write this, and so now I have it.   I am planning on interviewing Thomas on my radio show to not only talk about my personal experience, but also the methods he uses to empower all of us to live in happiness without fear of our own body. I also think one of the most important gifts he has is to share with all of us the gift of "Trust". And in the words of my surgeon; "You have nothing to worry about". Imagine a world where people don't have to worry about anything. It's possible, and it begins with each of us. Blessings and thank you Thomas  - Allan Holender, August 9, 2013

From someone who has struggled with keeping my heart chakra open, thank you! For posting the video on YouTube, I feel back to my normal self. I can tell a big difference by having a calm mind and finding more center. Please use my testimonial, as I hope it helps with your work and with inquiries from other people. My teacher has a motto, "Keep your heart open, everything else is an illusion" and I am really grateful to have my rear chakra back open and to continue on my journey. I will definitely consider your DVD and booklet and will keep you guys in mind as I practice deeply. A skype session sounds awesome also! I will take advantage and wish you guys the best in your work. You are doing a great thing Rita.
- Londyn Miller, Aug. 2013
Rita - I want to thank you so much for the time that you spent with me on the phone earlier. I felt my body shifting half way into the call and I know that I released many emotions that were " stuck" deep inside of me. I feel like I finally have the clarity to know that what I am hearing is indeed my guides and I am so happy to know that as I was wondering for the longest time if I was indeed " crazy" or just simply " hearing" from my guides!  You came to me and helped me to see that not only am I not crazy, but that if I keep up the work and keep listening to my guidance that we all have ( if we would take the time to listen ), that I can and will have the life of my dreams....  Doing inner work is not easy and now I know that it is "worth" the effort.  I would recommend you to anyone who feels they have emotionals blocks and preventing them from being all they can be. 
- Carolyn Bobyk, July 2013 - phone session

 Hi Rita and Thomas,Thank you so much again, I am truly appreciative for the deep level healing that you facilitated on me. Also, Thank you for the gifts in which you gave me. I have recommended your services already to others... I truly feel lit from within, like a pink rose growing in my heart garden in the center of my backyard! I look forward to my continual unfolding! - Namaste, Roselie, June 2013
 Thomas, your readings are amazingly accurate.  I like how you combine science, energy, and intuition.  It is of tremendous value, particularly reinforcing my intuition.  - Allan H.

A HUGE THANK YOU to both of you for the amazing session.  I feel so much at peace.  I feel like 'I came home' for the first time in my life.  With all of the healings I have tried for years, everything has been leading up to this session with you.  I see clearer, I understand more and I don't struggle with food now.  I finally detached from my family.  I still love them, but feel no more pressure to fix them.  Huge improvement.  It feels like a rebirth!  You are both truly gifted and generous to share it with the world.
- M.D. March 2013
"I want to thank you so much, Thomas, for assisting Christie with her extreme and immediate health issue over the phone. She was down for the count and had said her goodbyes to her kids and grandkids. You immedialtely said you saw black mould all throughout her body. The next day, Christie had an ap...pointment with a Naturopath who used his $20,000 diagnostic equipment to find out what was going on. The result of his testing? Black mould all throughout her body. Thomas, you are a blessing to our community, and I thank you for your wonderful intuitive gifts and your spirit of generosity and compassion. You are a true healer. Added note: Christie is responding well to what you recommended. Heartfelt thanks dear one!"  
- Challamar, March 13, 2013

"Seeing Thomas and Rita together, is an experience that is hard to put into words. There are tiny subtle things that have changed in my self and in my life, which equaled up to a huge change that happened so quickly, it's hard to pinpoint where. Rita has a warmth and compassion that can be felt through her healing touch, her hands are incrediblly warm and I could feel the heat spread internally through my body. It must have been her channeling ability that started a profound shift in my life."
- Amy, Vancouver, March 2013

"Dear Rita and Thomas!  Thank you very much for my Sunday session. More and more of your information make sense, I feel  better, more grounded. I follow with your instructions as they were presented to me. One thing is puzzling to me. Before the hip surgery I had to have many blood tests done, and nobody mentioned, that my thyroid is so low. Everything, including kidney were in norm as they said. It is true, that I've got through many x-rays and that doesn't help thyroid. I feel I was looked at as a whole being not just as physical symptoms nor did I feel suppressed.  In fact, I felt seen, supported and strengthened.  I am very grateful for that. You are such a blessing to humanity."
- With love Vera Lehar, February 2013

"The gratitude that I feel towards both you and Thomas is too small of a word to encompass my feelings of gratefulness.  Where I was a year ago as compared to now,  a complete turnaround I would say.  Hugs with an open heart!"

"It was lovely to meet both of you yesterday in your beautiful Harmony Healing Centre, and for my (adult) daughter to receive a treatment from you. Thank you so much for your gentle yet powerful healing work and your kindness during the time we were with you.
It was so comforting for me to watch and hear you work with her, giving her some reassurance, exercises to open her heart, prayers to call on loving help and allow her to accept and fully love herself, removal of unhealthy energies and congestion, plus the remedies you suggested for her to take. I was very happy that she was willing to experience your healing. I know that it was all very helpful to her and a beautiful experience - she is very grateful. We found the restaurant that you told us about, Rita, and enjoyed it very much. :):) It was a perfect end to our visit with you!
I shall come to see you sometime in the coming months and in the meantime will do the Rose Exercise, listen to your Energy Pulse channeled messages, and take the Thyroid drops!
Much gratitude and love - M.M. January 2013

"THANKS Rita! Hope you are having a wonderful 2013 – these pulses are very interesting and so wonderful for you and Thomas to post the channeling on you tube – I for one feel much better when I understand what is going on.  I know there are many people who will say “just go with it” – which is wonderful advice and I will keep working toward that goal.  In the meantime this information helps us to know we are not going “crazy” – lol.  I laugh but it is so true – once up a time I would have tried to bury the emotion – so much relief in working through them…. Life is an amazing journey!  Love it love you two!!!  Again  LOVE AND GRATITUDE  To you both Namaste! "
- Leanne, January 28, 2013

"The level of love, support and friendship you, Rita and Thomas offer/supply our family is such a blessing.  I always appreciate everything you both bring to the table."
- Matt Langfield, January 2013

  "Rita, I am so appreciating you and your commitment to holding a vibration of love! It is a wonderful gift in this world."
- Z. Hazen, January 2013  

"Seeing Thomas and Rita together, is an experience that is hard to put into words. There are tiny subtle things that have changed in my self and in my life, which equaled up to a huge change that happened so quickly, it's hard to pinpoint where. Rita has a warmth and compassion that can be felt through her healing touch, her hands are incrediblly warm and I could feel the heat spread internally through my body. It must have been her channeling ability that started a profound shift in my life."
- Nicole, February 2013

Thomas is kind, gentle and incredibly intuitive. He has helped me with several health issues and clarified matters allowing me to make decisions and take action accordingly. I recommend Thomas whole heartedly!"
 - Christine Hayes, January 2013
"Thanks for the amazing session with you and Thomas, it was truly transformational.  I deeply feel a lot has shifted for the good.  Rita and Thomas are very easy to fully open up to so the very deep work can be done with comfort and confidence.  I'm so happy our mutual friend mentioned the work you are doing which brought me to see you both.  I know for sure the work you do is for real and powerful.  I notice for example a deep pain in a muscle/nerve on my neck is gone and was explained why it was there.  Both of you tuned into that and got the core of it to release it.  Rita you put your hand near my throat area knowing there was blockage there which is gone today.  You and Thomas intuitively go to work on these types of areas and more.  Wow!!!   With today's energy pulse I feel totally centered and strong.  Thanks for all you've helped me with and all the gifts you have graced me with in our healing session."
- Robert, Dec. 2012
 "It was so wonderful to meet you and Thomas.  I am doing the pink rose exercise every day and I can totally feel a difference, when I do it I get all tingly through my whole body! I'm definitely feeling more connected to my body and more aware of energy changes around me. Thank you again so much."
- Samantha Causey, Dec. 2012

"I want to thank you for a wonderful session with the both of you.  I felt such peace, calm and completeness afterwards, it was hard to put into words.  With the exercises you gave, I was able to get back to that place within when I feel uptight, negative or otherwise at unrest during my day.   After the treatment I was rid of a lot of emotional ‘junk’ that kept me stuck.  As a result, my intuition is keener and I felt like the way I think I should feel.  Thomas detected my thyroid was off and “prescribed” iodine drops.  To date (less than 10 days) I have soft skin like silk.  I am sleeping better.  My energy is up.  The anxiety, depression and brain fog have lessened.  The night sweats have disappeared as well.  And perhaps the best, I’ve lost 7 pounds without dieting!  In fact, I’ve been cheating as I have to go on the Candida cleanse soon and wanted my favs before I delve into it. I can't imagine how well I will do with the cleanse for candida!  God bless both of you for the wonderful work you do."
Love to you, Alice, White Rock, Dec. 2012

"I have never had such a transformative 90 minutes as I recently experienced with Thomas and Rita.  Throughout the treatment, I could feel changes occuring, one after another, and was so amazed at the sensitiviy with which Rita helped me to recognize and release emotional blocks.  This one treatment has created permanent, positive change.  Thank you so much, Thomas and Rita"
- Mark Broscheit, November 2012

I have been visiting Thomas for a few years now, and with his help and advice my life has completely changed. He brought balance and energy back into my life, when traditional doctors didn't have any more answers or patience for me. He always knows exactly  what advice, natural supplement or healing technique to use. The best part is the immediate results I feel afterward. It's almost unbelievable how easy healing, and answers can come.He is also an amazing voice for animals, who has pinpointed my pets maladies (mild to serious), suggesting affordable, natural solutions that WORK...without the animals even being present!Truly amazing, I am so blessed to have met such a powerful intuitive medic and spiritual guide in this lifetime. Thank you for everything Thomas. - Amy,White Rock, Nov. 2012

It was truly a blessing to meet with you yesterday. You provided so much healing energy and information, in such a relaxed and comfortable way. I felt elated after the session and encouraged to keep vigilant with my own healing; learning to open my 4th chakra and love myself.  I offer my deepest appreciation and gratitude for your work. I look forward to seeing you again in the future. Blessings to you. - Virginia Dudley, Vancouver Nov. 2012

I went to see Thomas & Rita on the advice of my daughter. She met this lovely couple at a local coffee shop where they did a short introduction into the kind of healing that they do. It was quite foreign to me. I had been suffering from many physical and emotional ailments for a very long time. Traditional medicine only covered up my symptoms, but never delved into the actual issue or problem. I went to see them at the coffee shop and from that short session, my daughter and I booked a session with both of them. Thomas was able to define the issue causing my physical problems and Rita with her immense empathy was able to help me with some emotional problems I had been dealing with. Thomas put us both onto a program of natural medication and Rita helped us with meditation and a personal mantra. I am feeling better than I ever have. I feel more confident and in control of my life. I am only taking 1 type of chemical medication now, instead of 3. My daughter feels much better as well. I definitely recommend Rita and Thomas, especially if you have tried all other kinds of conventional methods and nothing has worked! - C. Schille, N. Delta, 2012

I wanted to share with you both the most profound experience I just had.  I have been having trouble realizing if the back of my heart is open or not. I decided to watch your video Thomas.  I had the most amazing feeling of LOVE and PEACE I have ever felt. Tears were streaming down my face, it was truly amazing. As I am typing this tears are still falling, I simply don't have the words to describe the feeling. I just know all is well, and that I am loved. I am SO very appreciative of the two of you and what you are doing for my life. Love to you both. - Donna, White Rock, June 2012

Thank you. You are who you say you are. I am a naturopath myself and found it easy to discuss with you, but you hit the nail(s) on the head and helped me to get direction on what issues to focus on - this gives me great relief as now I know that the road to better health is clearer and easier. For your clarity, thank you, for your wisdom, may you reach more people. - Sheeba Majmudar, Skype, Singapore, May 2012

The physical and emotional healing and insights have helped propel me forward. It's been several months since that life-changing session with Thomas and Rita and the benefits have been immense. I am healthier, stronger, and the love I give and receive is boundless. Thank you Thomas and Rita for sharing your gifts in ways that help heal and elevate others. Peace and Blessings, AAS, May 2012

“The intuitive insights and healing provided by Thomas and Rita gave me immediate feelings of peace and serenity, sensations that I lacked for a long time. During the session I received a variety of easy, practical exercises that have helped me to transform my perceptions about myself and my life. I’m now able to deal with issues on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis in a positive and courageous way. Changing a dysfunctional mindset that has been handed down through generations is not easy but Thomas & Rita’s gentle guidance and effective tools for daily living have given me the strength, confidence and skill to create the life I deserve to have. Thank-you!" - Wendy, April 2012

"I highly recommend Thomas Moore as a medical intuitive.  He has helped me personally and several of my clients who I referred to Thomas". - Lee, March 2012

"Thank you Thomas for your amazing gift of medical intuition. I have sought answers for my condition for several years without accessing the true cause. Your clear insight and gentle approach made me feel totally comfortable and respected. The entire session was relaxed, spiritual and professional. Thank you Rita for sharing your gentle and loving gift of emotional intuition. You are both inspired healers. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for your kindness and attention to my situation. Your healing gifts have given me such relief that I feel lighter, pain free and balanced. I feel totally confident in cancelling the pending surgery thanks to your accurate diagnosis and multidimensional healing. May numerous souls in search of wholeness find their way to your Healing Centre.With deepest gratitude," - Mary Hennessey, February 2012

I am doing very well emotionally/spiritually/mentally - it is so wonderful to be feeling so much steadier - I am more than thrilled and enjoying the great shift.  It is truly amazing. - EA, February 2012

Meditation Testimonial

"I am thoroughly enjoying the Wednesday meditation group. I like the format of no break, doing some techniques and going directly into meditation. It means that there is a continuum of good feelings, and I get home at a decent hour. I am really learning a lot and enjoying the energy of the group. I was SO relaxed last night that I could barely speak with one of the others as we were walking together out to our cars. Thomas, you have such a great way of explaining things, and I love your voice in the guided meditation. Rita, your very presence makes me feel peaceful, and your gestures area a great help in understanding. Thank you very much to you both." b- Maureen, February 2012

"Last night I went to my last meditation session, a series of six in total, with Thomas J. Moore and Rita Britnell at the Harmony Healing Centre in White Rock. I have had many profound moments during my meditation there, and I would like to thank them, and all the wonderful body's that joined me for being such a tremendous support for me and my beautiful 8 year old daughter who has accompanied me each time. "♥ - Coral-Lei Schweigert, March 2012

This sea kelp (iodine)  has changed my life. I've been doing the rose meditation every day. My energy is amazing, mind is clear, my eyes even seem clearer!  Thank You! - Mara Johansen, March 2012

"Prior to having a session with Thomas and Rita, I found myself depressed, frustrated and angry at how I have been experiencing my current life situation....I have been drifting in a pool of despair...From the moment I walked into the office, I felt a sense of deep relief, that these two beings were going to uplift me, care for me and be in allowance of what is true for me and my body, mind and spirit....I felt seen and understood by them, and they provided a safe and nurturing environment for me to feel my feelings to the core and to really see what spirit was conveying to me in terms of guidance, support and direction...What a beautiful ying/yang dynamic and a powerful duo.  I highly recommend Thomas and Rita for their healing capacities and for their willingness to meet me deeply, exactly where I was....I feel empowered today in a special way to begin to take my life back, whereas prior, I had been waffling in a sea of fear and confusion, taking on so much of what was never mine to begin with, acting like a weak wallflower with no voice....I can see through their help just what a disservice that behaviour was to my outlook on life....I am ready to get on board with me and my true self and be truthful and honest about who I am and why I am here and I am ecstatic about the notion of meeting my life mate and finding my true home!  I am so grateful to both of you." - Julie Alukas, December 2011

"Thomas and Rita make a powerful healing team. I have done many years of "work" in the world of complimentary healing and find Thomas and Rita simply amazing. I have had several challenges to my physical and emotional health over the past few years. With their support and guidance, I have been able to move through and release emotional baggage that was left untouched by conventional therapy. Rita has been invaluable in assisting me to access, process and release my feelings in a way that I feel very safe and supported. Thomas has helped me in sourcing the cause of many of my health (and life) challenges. His medical intuitive ability has proven very accurate and I often find my naturopath later confirming his "diagnosis" and treatment suggestions. They witness, accept and meet me at wherever I find myself challenged in health or life and help me navigate the murky waters of growth and change. After every session with Thomas and Rita, I leave with more clarity, peace and well-being. I am very grateful I found them and I can't recommend them more highly!" - W. MacPherson, 2011

"I am grateful that I have met Thomas as he has completely changed my life. His ability to relieve pain, address medical issues and his guidance in helping me to be a "complete" person spiritually will never be forgotten. He works cooperatively with Rita Britnell, an emotional intuitive and the two of them together heal physical, spiritual and emotional concerns. His workshops are enlightening and create joy in all who attend. I have recommended Thomas to many people and will avidly continue to do so." - P. Weisbeck, 2011

"Our family LOVES Thomas and his work. He does amazing energy healing and he is always there for us when we need him. Sometimes, if we feel worry about something, he is the first one we would call, and of course he always makes us feel better immediately. In my opinion, his work is the best gift you can give to yourself. His work is fascinating, and very powerful." - D. Fisher, 2010

"Thomas has assisted me when I have had back problems and other health issues. He is a wonderful listener and a diligent healer. He has helped me to get back on my feet more than once and is much easier on the body than some alternative treatments. He also offers practical advise and assistance that helps one to recover. I like Thomas he believes totally in what he does and what he has to offer, he lives by his beliefs." - C. Hayes, 2010

"I attended two of Thomas's workshops - Dowsing and Meditation level one. Thomas is easy to listen to - he is a great facilitator of material and of people. Thomas helped everyone attending to feel "safe" and to relax, enjoy and learn. He brings a great wealth of knowledge and wisdom to his teachings and a great sense of humour as well. I was impressed when Thomas shared "Please teach these techniques to others" this showed his integrity is high and he is genuine. Thank You Thomas - you are both inspirational and motivational!" - L.Tanaka, 2010

"Thomas has found his true calling as a medical intuitive, and he shares his gift with great love, simplicity and humility. I have personally experienced Thomas' gift , and I am much richer for the experience. THANKS, Thomas!" - N. Aswell, 2010

"Thomas was such a life saver for me. I am truly blessed to have met him. At the initial time of seeing Thomas, I came for menopausal issues, and found remarkable relief. Combined with Thomas' gift of medical intuitiveness, he holds the gift of energy healing through chakra clearing. He is a teacher as well, and I have enjoyed his workshops and classes he holds at his Harmony Healing Center. I have recommended several people already , and will continue to do so. I hold Thomas and his gifts in very high regard." - C. Clark, 2010

"I saw Rita and Thomas a few weeks ago. The session itself was incredibly informative and eye-opening. Even though I've been doing work on 'myself' for a number of years, having a complete medical intuition session with Thomas and Rita opened my eyes to things that I was not seeing. I also felt a beautiful energetic shift and re-balancing with the help of Rita's feminine energy. Since the session, I feel like the 'majority of work' has happened. After experiencing their work, I was made aware of some imbalances in my life. I am now working towards re-balancing these and making conscious choices to shift things for the better. I feel that no matter 'how long' you have been doing personal growth work or if you are brand new to it, a session like this can make dramatic shifts on your life for the better. I strongly recommend this session to everyone and anyone - you will go away with a lot and if you choose to make changes, you will definitely benefit!" - D. Chandna, 2011

Rita Britnell Testimonials

The Goddess Circle is a very special gathering to open, honor, heal, and celebrate. This group has enabled me to strengthen my connection to divinity, Because it is open to divine presence and spiritual communication to facilitate understanding, healing and  meaning.  The eternal faith and love we connect to allows me to open beyond my situational limitations of pain, fear, feebleness, judgement. This group is enhancing my progress in enpowerment, acceptance, necessary change, spiritual communion, and being in the matrix with sensuality and vitality. As well, I use to have anxiety often, now, after participating in these nights, the fear tornado only enters my tummy on occasion. I have adapted more efficient skills in feeling myself and responding and taking care of my 'state'. Thank-you all with deep gratitude and resonance. - Love Chelsea, 2011

"A heartfelt thank you to Rita, and Lynda and Karen, for mentoring myself and the other women of the Goddess Circle in White Rock, Fall, 2011. I also thank my Guides and inner guidance to meet Rita in order for me to become a part of this wondrous circle and the supportive experiences that unfold each week. Many uncertainties have emerged into a place of brighter light and knowingness of that Goddess within me and even though the journeying is far from completion I am grateful to be where I am now, and yet yearn to be even more than that. The circle has provided such a safe place in which to open up some of those aspects of myself that I either didn't know about or dare to expose. Away from the circle there is still a connection to the group that helps when I've needed some grounding, and what would I do without being able to open up the back of my heart - part of my daily practice! with heartfelt love and gratitude. - Ann Metcalfe, 2011

"I highly recommend Rita as an intuitive healer. She is solidly present and heart connected with you every step of the way. The work she also does as a team with her partner Thomas Moore is superbly accurate and beneficial. Worth every penny!!" - A. Bernadette, 2011

"Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Elizabeth Hayes... I have admired them all and listened clearly, consciously and considerably when they offered sage advice, knowledge and guidance... I have seen much that has left me wanting something more and something real, tangible and with results so that I could respectfully and professionally refer others...

With Rita and Thomas, I found that right here at home in Vancouver! I would like to say I am not surprised, awestruck, impressed or deeply and abidingly great-full - I can't... because I am all of these things along with confident. Confident that there may be other practitioners of natural healing out there, from my experience, there are no better ones.

I highly - VERY highly, recommend the investment in yourself and their fine service. In nearly 20 years I have not found more integrity service that delivers results immediately and ongoing!" - D. Rougeau, 2011

"I so appreciate you and Thomas for the skillful and playful healing you gave me. It is now day 4 and each day reveals more clarity on ways I can honor myself in relationships. Thank you too for identifying the Kundalini energy within me. Every day brings more and more emotional clarity. Way to go!" - Brenda Lazelle Stephenson

"I met Rita when I first contacted the Harmony Healing Centre in 2010. I was suffering from serious health issues that the traditional medical establishment was not addressing or treating at all in a satisfactory way. My experience with Rita was and still is phenomenal. Her Emotional Intuitive Readings and Counselling skills have been an enormous support in dealing with my health concerns. Her ability to tap into the deepest levels of emotion was significant in helping me become aware of and heal old emotional wounds, as well as learn to deal with emotional issues as they come up every day. She is a wonderful, gentle and joyous person, with a heart that overflows with love. It is with great pleasure that I recommend her services." - KL, 2011

"I cannot recommend Rita enough!. As an emotional intuitive, her connectedness to energy for healing is immediate, effective and profound. Rita is the most compassionate person I have encountered in a long time. Anyone who sees Rita will definitely benefit and their lives will become richer for it" - Paula Weisbeck, 2011

"In the session I had with Rita and her partner Thomas, I felt cleansed and healed at a very profound level. Her ability to tap into very deep levels was significant in healing old psychic and physical wounds. Her gentle manner made me feel completely safe and at peace even though we touched some core issues that have held me back and could continue to present problems if they were not cleared. I highly recommend Rita as an intuitive and gentle, caring healer." - Michele Hall, 2011

"Rita is such a gift- she has the ability to 'see' emotional issues that require balancing within us. Quite effortlessly she can see what needs to be worked on, helps us to identify it, and then helps to smooth and balance whatever energetic emotion is holding us back. I love her kind ways and her own sense of Lightheartedness that is contagious! I highly recommend Rita and her work." - Cathy Clark, 2011

"I have benefited greatly from working with Ms. Britnell. She effortlessly creates safety and security and I feel honored and supported while I explore and shift old hurts that no longer serve me. Ms. Britnell has a remarkable gift and ability to maintain a grounded and reassuring presence whiles she accesses the underlying truths that are required for moving toward a place of spiritual wellness. It has been an honor to work with someone with such heart-felt dedication and commitment to assist in the world." - AB, 2009

"Rita brings love, nurturing and a deep respect knowing to the inner being of the sacred other. Her willingness to be 100% there with the other while simultaneously maintaining the space at a deep level  and bringing the needed Awareness, creates the perfect environment for the healing to begin. Her energetic sensitivity  can "touch" one at a profoundly deep level...truly, when one is seen at this level, all of the "holding on" falls away and miracles can occur." - R. MacLise, 2009

"Rita Britnell is one of those rare healers and intuitives that truly has the ability to lead in both a group and individual capacity to help people work through their emotional challenges. When Rita co-facilitated a transformational breath session for our company, Soul Power, I was delighted by the manner in which she helped create an authentic and comfortable space for all involved. Her ability to work fully in her feminine while facilitating with someone in the masculine was impressive and helped the healing journey of each individual in the room.  Thank you Rita!" - Karen McGregor, Co-Founder, Soul Power Enterprises, 2009

"I have known Rita Britnell for almost 10 years and I have witnessed her blossoming into the Beautiful Presence that she embodies today. Rita gifts us with a nurturing, healing space where one can land, rest, breathe and finally let go of emotional baggage in her safe and compassionate energy. Rita is extremely intuitive and has the unique gift of being able to really tune into one's inner process and help one navigate the turbulent sea of emotion that can overwhelm at times. Her love is like a compass that guides the heart back to a place of peace and acceptance. Her willingness to go the distance and her commitment to hearing Truth are gifts for those wanting to go deeper inside and live more in Authenticity and Freedom. Rita is a True Warrior Spirit..a great Goddess of Compassion and Light whose healing touch is that of an Angel." - Julia King, Vancouver BC, Diamond Divinity Healing, 2009

"In my experience, Rita Britnell is a wonderful, sensitive and very kind human being.  Personal transformation is a very high priority for her.  When she's worked on me using her tantric and other modalities, it helped me to heal old wounds that I hadn't been able to do using other approaches.  She also helped me to integrate more deeply as a male as well as to claim my personal power more fully.  This will in turn allow me to live a life of greater abundance.  I recommend her highly as a practitioner." - Remi Thivierge MSW RSW RMFT, Director, Dynamic Harmony Training Program, 2009

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Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Thank you again for the powerful session. The loving supportive space you created for me allowed me to be comfortable with my vulnerability. I was able to go to a very deep level emotionally and work through many layers that I could never have done on my own. The love I felt was so comforting.