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General Testimonials

  • GH, White Rock, B.C., 28 April 2020

    For several years now, my wife and I have put our trust and faith in the hands of Medical/Intuitive guides, Thomas and Rita Moore. We believe they are truly gifted with their healing powers and ability to detect health issues in the body that some other resources and tests could not. They are both  dedicated and willing to help and are so supportive. We thank them for making our lives better.  

  • Dave H., New Zealand, 29 March 2020

    Thomas and Rita have been amazing throughout my healing journey. 

    Prior to connecting with them both, I had been dealing with toxins in my body impacting my health in an extreme way for around 3 years, using different natural methods to get toxins out of my system.  I got to a point where I had built up some resistance within my home country (NZ).  However I am required to travel to the US frequently, and everytime I went, after 1-2 weeks of being there, it was like I was at day 1 again with extreme physical/body reactions making life uncomfortable and worrisome.

    Thomas and Rita have helped me travel pain free, and be much more aware of my body, the foods I consume, and how it reacts to certain contaminants like heavy metals, BPA, plastics to name a few.  The way they treat the causes, provide knowledge, and create a plan to move forward has been amazing.  Their fast communication across the globe with our time zone differences during troubling times is amazing and very much appreciated. 

    I am now able to travel around the world pain free with an action plan and always knowing I can call on them for support regardless of which country I am in.  They have changed my life in a positive way.   Thank you very much Thomas and Rita!

  • Linda Bos, Hypnotherapist, Victoria, B.C., 22 February 2020

    Thomas is an amazingly intuitive and gifted healer.  Rita is the epitome of kindness, knowledge and feminine/emotional support.   Together, they make quite a team and are a gift and blessing to this world.  

  • H.A., UK, 21 February 2020

    After a 3 year gap I contacted Rita and Thomas in a state of crisis and they immediately responded with “Lets do it now !” and gave me a remote session together. Rita was able to expertly guide me through complex emotional processing and Thomas did physical checks in the specific area requiring insight. The combined effects were instantly effective. Thomas is honed in accuracy and customised solutions. I followed their advice which was helpfully transcribed and emailed. 

    I felt a tangible shift in my well being. It has averted impending minor surgery with the CBD oil combo prescribed and allowed me to trust more in my Self. This was the beginning and catalyst for the breakthrough I was needing and lets me feel the flow of Grace. They mirror this in themselves.

    I am extremely grateful for their ability to respond genuinely and quickly and the loving energy which enfolds their sessions. What wonderful gifts you offer. Thank you both.

  • Rachel L., Sydney, Australia, 20 February 2020

    Working together with Thomas and Rita has been a life changing experience. Being able to understand how specific toxins and chemicals affect me physically, cognitively, and emotionally has been incredibly informative. As a result of the information I uncover with them, I experience much shorter down times as I recover from picking up toxins (ie heavy metals, plastics, organic pesticides, and bacterias). This healing process has allowed me to better manage my energy levels and stay emotionally balanced, improving my overall quality of life.

  • Peter Clark, California, 19 February 2020

    About 4 years ago I was diagnosed by hospital lab test with mycobacterium avium complex in my lungs.  Standard medical approach is 6 antibiotics daily for a year which equals nearly 2,200 pills.  Within days of this information I was introduced to Thomas and Rita by an old friend.  Thomas said, "Not to worry, we'll have you through this in 30 days."  Well, it took about 45 using healthy herbs, and I followed this with 2 lab tests 6 months apart to check for spores... totally gone.  I have contacted to them for guidance whenever needed, and turning 78 next month  I am blessed with no need for drugs or shots of any sort.    

    I am so grateful for both Thomas and Rita as dear friendly Beings who always hit the target with their clear and accurate guidance.

  • Doug H., White Rock, B.C., 20 February 2020

    I know when I have picked up BPA or some kind of plastic as I wake up in the morning with stiffness in my knees, and unable to do my full yoga posture(s).  I was disappointed when I got up to do a muscle test of my favorite spice and found it is contaminated.   I use the muscle testing technique all the time, except when I go out at times, and/or forget to check something.  I have come to know it isn't worth ingesting contaminated foods; anything applied to, or ingested by my body.  The after-effects on the body are quite drastic and take me off of my game when I need to focus on my work. 

    Thanks to Thomas and Rita for sharing this knowledge and the importance of muscle testing all of my foods/liquids, anything applied or ingested by the body.  I keep products on hand in case I need to take some.  They are always there for me to confirm my suspicion and/or check my overall state of health.  I am so grateful to them for my health and wellness. 

  • Desiree T., White Rock, B.C., 18 February 2020

    Thomas and Rita have been there for me countless times when I've been feeling sick, nauseous, in pain, suffering from headache and other aches, and simply needing some overall health and emotional reassurance and support. 

    They are able to identify when I've picked up a bacteria, or plastics, heavy metals, BPS, BPA, organic pesticides and from which food item(s) or other cause.  I always have silver, Chelazyme, and Burbur at home as needed.  Often within hours I start to feel better and the symptoms fade away.  Their support is all-encompassing during and after treatment, and their speedy response is healing and reassuring in itself. I follow their instructions carefully to safeguard efficient and effective results with the supplements.  I have learned much about myself and the body in all of this. 

    The muscle testing is still something I need support with and continue to practice.  Muscle testing at restaurants is difficult which is something Rita and Thomas confirm.   I always have the choice to make the best decision once I know what the problem is.  Their approach to life, relationship and health is very practical and with a common sense approach.

  • Bev, White Rock, B.C., 18 February 2020

    I am so grateful for Thomas and Rita to help me in times of need.

    It brings such comfort to know I am able to have my ribs/neck adjusted with Thomas’ help and to receive help/solutions to help me feel better physically and emotionally as needed.  I am travelling currently, and again, feel reassured in knowing they are only an email or what’s app away for help.  I recently picked up a bacteria and now on the road to recovery by taking some silver and extra probiotics.  Thank you to my angels.  I feel blessed.

  • Rhonda C., California, U.S.A., 18 February 2020

    "I have valued the ongoing support of Thomas and Rita Moore for some time and find them extraordinarily gifted and accurate in their ability to pinpoint what has thrown me off balance and what to do to return to a state of whole body health & well being.  They have been especially supportive and available during times of increased stress yet equally supportive with every day support like for example which supplements and their dosages are best for me to take.  It is a great feeling to know that they are there to support my highest good in so many ways."

Meditation Testimonials

  • Randy, Dec. 2012

    Thank you both for a very warm and caring experience in the circle. I have been looking for more meaning in my life, and with both your guidance, I have started to realize it is there for me to grasp. Thanks you!!  You are both wonderful.

    Chrissy has also helped me realize, and practice, a different way of looking at life around me. I am still a project in the works but I am going in the right direction now and it will only get better for me. I am very excited for the future. It is a new beginning for me as I start my next phase in life with Chrissy. She is somebody I have been  looking for and found, or re-united, thanks to the Universe, and our love grows stronger each day. I am so blessed to have her with me now.

    I also have enjoyed meeting the other group members and I thank them as well. The entire experience has been new and enlightening for me and I look forward to more development in the new year and beyond.

  • Ross Danford, March 2014

    The lessons I have learned from Thomas and yourself has been life changing and I feel the love from the both of you in these teachings as well. thank you!

  • Tara, Nov. 2012

    I just wanted to thank Thomas and Rita for holding this space for us to learn and grow. It is such a welcoming and warm environment I always feel comfortable being myself and asking for help if needed. The confidence and self awareness they have helped me find within myself in invaluable. I am so thankful for meeting Thomas and Rita. I do feel like they have helped me change my life in a profound way. I do believe that everyone would benefit from having a session with them.

  • L. Tanaka, 2010

    I attended two of Thomas's workshops - Dowsing and Meditation level one. Thomas is easy to listen to - he is a great facilitator of material and of people. Thomas helped everyone attending to feel "safe" and to relax, enjoy and learn. He brings a great wealth of knowledge and wisdom to his teachings and a great sense of humour as well. I was impressed when Thomas shared "Please teach these techniques to others" this showed his integrity is high and he is genuine. Thank You Thomas - you are both inspirational and motivational!

  • Coral-Lei Schweigert, March 2012

    "Last night I went to my last meditation session, a series of six in total, with Thomas J. Moore and Rita Britnell at the Harmony Healing Centre in White Rock. I have had many profound moments during my meditation there, and I would like to thank them, and all the wonderful body's that joined me for being such a tremendous support for me and my beautiful 8 year old daughter who has accompanied me each time. "

  • Mara Johansen, March 2012

    This sea kelp (iodine) has changed my life. I've been doing the rose meditation every day. My energy is amazing, mind is clear, my eyes even seem clearer! Thank You!

  • Maureen, February 2012

     "I am thoroughly enjoying the Wednesday meditation group. I like the format of no break, doing some techniques and going directly into meditation. It means that there is a continuum of good feelings, and I get home at a decent hour. I am really learning a lot and enjoying the energy of the group. I was SO relaxed last night that I could barely speak with one of the others as we were walking together out to our cars. Thomas, you have such a great way of explaining things, and I love your voice in the guided meditation. Rita, your very presence makes me feel peaceful, and your gestures area a great help in understanding. Thank you very much to you both."

Women Circle Testimonials

  • Shiraine, Feb. 2016

    I wanted to thank both you and Lynda for your wisdom, beauty and Light.  Both of you have played a significant part in my life for a year now.  I joined the women's circle a year ago Feb/March and I made that a commitment to myself.  I am so happy to have dedicated every Monday evening to myself in the presence of you both.

  • Jessica, Feb. 2014

    Dear Rita! I am doing well! I have been busy working and enjoying my work. It is amazing how much I can manifest and create my reality by changing my thought patterns!! There is more clarity that I am slowly getting into it....Understand what is important to me, observe my emotions, challenge my perception.... I enjoy the relationship with my oldest son. I feel we are more like friends now and I appreciate his energy in our family. I have more compassion in my relationship to my partner. I can look at the different areas of my life and say " I like this, I don't like that, how can I change so I don't attract the one I don't like?" A commitment to take fully responsibility and work on MYSELF is my goal.

    I give the credit to Goddess Circle which had helped me develop many tools for clearing my emotional blockages. The love and support from you and Lynda had helped me build my strength. I am confident that I can climb up even when I am in the darkest place. Thank you, Rita. You have no idea how much positive impact you have on my life! You are deeply loved and appreciated!

  • Chelsea, 2011

    The Goddess Circle is a very special gathering to open, honor, heal, and celebrate.This group has enabled me to strengthen my connection to divinity, Because it is open to divine presence and spiritual communication to facilitate understanding, healing and meaning. The eternal faith and love we connect to allows me to open beyond my situational limitations of pain, fear, feebleness, judgement. This group is enhancing my progress in enpowerment, acceptance, necessary change, spiritual communion, and being in the matrix with sensuality and vitality. As well, I use to have anxiety often, now, after participating in these nights, the fear tornado only enters my tummy on occasion. I have adapted more efficient skills in feeling myself and responding and taking care of my 'state'. Thank-you all with deep gratitude and resonance.

  • Ann Metcalfe, 2011

    A heartfelt thank you to Rita, and Lynda and Karen, for mentoring myself and the other women of the Goddess Circle in White Rock, Fall, 2011. I also thank my Guides and inner guidance to meet Rita in order for me to become a part of this wondrous circle and the supportive experiences that unfold each week. Many uncertainties have emerged into a place of brighter light and knowingness of that Goddess within me and even though the journeying is far from completion I am grateful to be where I am now, and yet yearn to be even more than that. The circle has provided such a safe place in which to open up some of those aspects of myself that I either didn't know about or dare to expose. Away from the circle there is still a connection to the group that helps when I've needed some grounding, and what would I do without being able to open up the back of my heart - part of my daily practice! with heartfelt love and gratitude.