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General Testimonials

  • Lucy Randle, 17 June 2017

    I want to extend my gratitude for your time and knowledge today. I feel blessed and honoured that I could work with you both and be enlightened and find clarity in my current position. I learned things I did not know about myself and found you both to be very knowledgeable. Piecing together ones puzzle is no easy feat, and It's not meant to be, but having guidance and support from two unique, loving, compassionate and grounded individuals is both welcoming and comforting. I appreciate your knowledge and insight and that you consider all aspects of ones life and paint a clear image of how ones systems physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually is or isn't working and how to heal it so that it is.

    I look forward to working with you in the future and nursing myself back to health.

  • Trinity Wu, Singapore, 19 August 2017

    I would like to thank Thomas for taking care of my body and letting me know what is happening to me after I lost my first baby. He gave me great advice to return to wellness, now to great level. I have been trying for a second baby.   All failed until now, that my body is better, and I conceived successfully.  

  • RM, Vancouver, 19 August 2017

    I contacted Thomas Moore after an enthusiastic recommendation from someone who themselves had searched many years for answers to their debilitating health issues and had finally found the answers with Thomas.  I had the same success, and an excruciatingly painful, intermittent issue that had been laying me out for days at a time over the previous three years was finally diagnosed, where ‘mainstream’ medicine, specialists, and lab tests could not.  After carefully following Thomas’ advice, I have been symptom- and pain-free since my first session and feel fully confident this happy state of affairs will continue!  And now I, too, highly recommend him to all!

  • N.M., California, February 2017

    Working with Thomas and Rita was such a joy. I felt so comfortable and held during the session, which helped me to open up and release energy that was holding me back as well as receive information and new energy ready and waiting for me. I feel like a lightbulb was fully illuminated in our session shedding light on some dark areas in my physical and emotional bodies. This coupled with the way they explained concepts allowed me to integrate the information in a manner that felt right for my healing. I’ve already recommended Thomas and Rita’s services to a number of people and will definitely be working with them again.

  • G.W., California, February 2017

    A good friend recommended Thomas a year or so ago. At the time I was suffering from being on the edge of vertigo, low energy, and feeling as though a heavy force was weighting me down or pulling me toward the ground. My life was difficult on many days. I assumed it was from the acoustic neuroma and the effects of the cyberknife surgery I endured to disable the growth of the neuroma. Thomas indicated to me that the tumor was stable and not the cause of my health condition. As he psychically read the chemical makeup of my blood he noticed high cadmium, high bismuth, and high BPA in my blood. Previously, my blood had been analyzed at a professional lab in San Francisco and the results came back showing much higher levels than normal levels of cadmium, so immediately I recognized that Thomas’s reading fell inline with the  scientific evidence I already had received. This fact gave me absolute proof of the reality of Thomas’s reading. Additionally, I had been an illustration artist for much of my career spray painting with acrylics all of which contained cadmium, bismuth, and BPA.

    Thomas recommended I take a regimen of Porphyra-Zyme to cleanse out the contaminants. After only a few weeks I started noticing a difference. Now more than a year later my health has improved to the point where I feel pretty normal most of the time. I am immensely grateful for Thomas’s gifts.

  • M.S.W., California, February 2017

    A while back I called Thomas with concern about a lump in my breast. I was not excited about going through my doctor because of the negative effects of mammograms and the abusiveness of biopsies. So I consulted Thomas in hopes I would be able to avoid these procedures. Thomas told me the lump was not cancer and I need not be concerned about it. I decided to trust him and in a month the lump totally disappeared. 

    Thomas gave me a reading of my overall health and recommended a regimen of supplements to take. He was clear, concise, patient, and explained many things. Rita also spent time with me and we did some emotional healing and balancing. I was touched by her love, kindness, and caring as I felt it strongly even through our phone connection. I am grateful and feel so fortunate to have found Thomas and Rita.

  • Nadine Hope, White Rock, February 2017

    Thanks so much for today's healing session! Both you and Thomas have such a gift...and I'm so grateful to have had a treatment from you both.  I felt very cared for and I know that some significant healing happened today!  I have been taking care of myself all afternoon and enjoyed an amazing walk in the wind and sunshine down at the beach. 

  • Libby Kelson-Fulcher, D.D., Kailua-Kona HI, January 2017

    I was amazed at how Thomas works.  It’s as if he is going down a lab report item by item, internal body part by body part, and very exciting to observe and be a part of, as it’s my body parts he’s referring to.  After the clearing of BPA and Thallium from my system, what I did notice was that I felt much more myself again, brighter, lighter, eager for my day. I can’t say I noticed a great change physically although this feeling of returning to myself also showed that what was in the way of that was gone and that most certainly referenced the physical body.  With Loving Aloha Libby

  • Janine Landtwing , Zurich, Switzerland, January 2017

    Dear Rita (and Thomas!!), Grüezi! I would really like to thank you so much for being with me yesterday evening (morning) in our – for me – very intense and healing session. I felt very safe and in good care, thank you for this big support and the loving space you were giving me. I do appreciate that a lot and am very grateful for this unusual, impressive experience.

  • Sabina Hitzelberger, Jan. 2017

    Harmony Healing Center is my Go To place for all my health issues I am so grateful to Thomas for helping me heal a 2 year respiratory condition. Within an hour's visit he diagnosed the issue and had me on the right path to recovery.  Many Thanks

Meditation Testimonials

  • Ross Danford, March 2014

    The lessons I have learned from Thomas and yourself has been life changing and I feel the love from the both of you in these teachings as well. thank you!

  • Randy, Dec. 2012

    Thank you both for a very warm and caring experience in the circle. I have been looking for more meaning in my life, and with both your guidance, I have started to realize it is there for me to grasp. Thanks you!!  You are both wonderful.

    Chrissy has also helped me realize, and practice, a different way of looking at life around me. I am still a project in the works but I am going in the right direction now and it will only get better for me. I am very excited for the future. It is a new beginning for me as I start my next phase in life with Chrissy. She is somebody I have been  looking for and found, or re-united, thanks to the Universe, and our love grows stronger each day. I am so blessed to have her with me now.

    I also have enjoyed meeting the other group members and I thank them as well. The entire experience has been new and enlightening for me and I look forward to more development in the new year and beyond.

  • Tara, Nov. 2012

    I just wanted to thank Thomas and Rita for holding this space for us to learn and grow. It is such a welcoming and warm environment I always feel comfortable being myself and asking for help if needed. The confidence and self awareness they have helped me find within myself in invaluable. I am so thankful for meeting Thomas and Rita. I do feel like they have helped me change my life in a profound way. I do believe that everyone would benefit from having a session with them.

  • Coral-Lei Schweigert, March 2012

    "Last night I went to my last meditation session, a series of six in total, with Thomas J. Moore and Rita Britnell at the Harmony Healing Centre in White Rock. I have had many profound moments during my meditation there, and I would like to thank them, and all the wonderful body's that joined me for being such a tremendous support for me and my beautiful 8 year old daughter who has accompanied me each time. "

  • Mara Johansen, March 2012

    This sea kelp (iodine) has changed my life. I've been doing the rose meditation every day. My energy is amazing, mind is clear, my eyes even seem clearer! Thank You!

  • Maureen, February 2012

     "I am thoroughly enjoying the Wednesday meditation group. I like the format of no break, doing some techniques and going directly into meditation. It means that there is a continuum of good feelings, and I get home at a decent hour. I am really learning a lot and enjoying the energy of the group. I was SO relaxed last night that I could barely speak with one of the others as we were walking together out to our cars. Thomas, you have such a great way of explaining things, and I love your voice in the guided meditation. Rita, your very presence makes me feel peaceful, and your gestures area a great help in understanding. Thank you very much to you both."

  • L. Tanaka, 2010

    I attended two of Thomas's workshops - Dowsing and Meditation level one. Thomas is easy to listen to - he is a great facilitator of material and of people. Thomas helped everyone attending to feel "safe" and to relax, enjoy and learn. He brings a great wealth of knowledge and wisdom to his teachings and a great sense of humour as well. I was impressed when Thomas shared "Please teach these techniques to others" this showed his integrity is high and he is genuine. Thank You Thomas - you are both inspirational and motivational!

Women Circle Testimonials

  • Ann Metcalfe, 2011

    A heartfelt thank you to Rita, and Lynda and Karen, for mentoring myself and the other women of the Goddess Circle in White Rock, Fall, 2011. I also thank my Guides and inner guidance to meet Rita in order for me to become a part of this wondrous circle and the supportive experiences that unfold each week. Many uncertainties have emerged into a place of brighter light and knowingness of that Goddess within me and even though the journeying is far from completion I am grateful to be where I am now, and yet yearn to be even more than that. The circle has provided such a safe place in which to open up some of those aspects of myself that I either didn't know about or dare to expose. Away from the circle there is still a connection to the group that helps when I've needed some grounding, and what would I do without being able to open up the back of my heart - part of my daily practice! with heartfelt love and gratitude.

  • Shiraine, Feb. 2016

    I wanted to thank both you and Lynda for your wisdom, beauty and Light.  Both of you have played a significant part in my life for a year now.  I joined the women's circle a year ago Feb/March and I made that a commitment to myself.  I am so happy to have dedicated every Monday evening to myself in the presence of you both.

  • Jessica, Feb. 2014

    Dear Rita! I am doing well! I have been busy working and enjoying my work. It is amazing how much I can manifest and create my reality by changing my thought patterns!! There is more clarity that I am slowly getting into it....Understand what is important to me, observe my emotions, challenge my perception.... I enjoy the relationship with my oldest son. I feel we are more like friends now and I appreciate his energy in our family. I have more compassion in my relationship to my partner. I can look at the different areas of my life and say " I like this, I don't like that, how can I change so I don't attract the one I don't like?" A commitment to take fully responsibility and work on MYSELF is my goal.

    I give the credit to Goddess Circle which had helped me develop many tools for clearing my emotional blockages. The love and support from you and Lynda had helped me build my strength. I am confident that I can climb up even when I am in the darkest place. Thank you, Rita. You have no idea how much positive impact you have on my life! You are deeply loved and appreciated!

  • Chelsea, 2011

    The Goddess Circle is a very special gathering to open, honor, heal, and celebrate.This group has enabled me to strengthen my connection to divinity, Because it is open to divine presence and spiritual communication to facilitate understanding, healing and meaning. The eternal faith and love we connect to allows me to open beyond my situational limitations of pain, fear, feebleness, judgement. This group is enhancing my progress in enpowerment, acceptance, necessary change, spiritual communion, and being in the matrix with sensuality and vitality. As well, I use to have anxiety often, now, after participating in these nights, the fear tornado only enters my tummy on occasion. I have adapted more efficient skills in feeling myself and responding and taking care of my 'state'. Thank-you all with deep gratitude and resonance.